Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 240

The two-day final exams quickly passed by, and Tang Guo performed very well. After each exam, Wei Yue would be waiting outside the classroom for her.

This naturally attracted the attention of many teachers. They specifically checked Tang Guo’s test papers and then… chose to ignore the fact that the two of them were wandering outside.

Meanwhile, Ji Xiaosi also did fairly well in the exams. This was thanks to the super-smart pill. She would take one in advance for each exam. Although she didn’t solve the questions quickly, she always started with the difficult ones.

However, during the science exam, there were simply too many difficult problems. She had to secretly take the last pill to cope with the following questions.

The super-smart pills didn’t make a person omniscient. It only made them incredibly intelligent during that period of time. They could make connections and extrapolate knowledge. If one were to study while taking such pills, they would achieve twice the results with half the effort.

However, when it came to exams, if there were questions she didn’t know, she still wouldn’t know them. It was impossible to magically learn everything.

Tang Guo understood Ji Xiaosi too well, which was why she gave her five pills. She knew Ji Xiaosi would only use those five pills for exams, not for studying in peace.

If Ji Xiaosi had used the pills to review each subject, her final exam results would definitely be among the top five.

It was a pity she used them in the wrong way.

After the exams, Ji Xiaosi felt somewhat uneasy because she encountered unfamiliar questions that she couldn’t answer. However, for the ones she had some familiarity with, her mind instantly cleared up.

So she had no doubt about the effectiveness of the pills. She even compared answers with Fu Zhuoshu and found that for the types of questions she had encountered before, she answered them correctly. But she still worried.

“She submitted her exam papers early for every subject?” Ji Xiaosi secretly breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this from Fu Zhuoshu. She was genuinely delighted.

The final exams this time were very difficult, even with the super-smart pills, she found it somewhat challenging.


Fu Zhuoshu didn’t notice Ji Xiaosi’s expression. He was thinking about Tang Guo.

A few days later, the final exam scores were released.

Ji Xiaosi sat in the classroom, still feeling quite anxious, but this time she was more relaxed. She continued to occasionally glance in Tang Guo’s direction, hoping to analyze something from her expression.

Tang Guo raised an eyebrow slightly. “What is she anticipating?”

[Anticipating the host’s failure.]The system bluntly replied.

Tang Guo chuckled. Wei Yue no longer slept on his desk. Occasionally, he would steal glances at Tang Guo. It had become a recent habit of his. Every frown or smile she made, he found it hard to look away.

“It’s okay if you fail the exam.” Wei Yue blurted out, “After all, I’ll be ranked last.”

Tang Guo chuckled, “Boyfriend, you seem quite anxious. Don’t worry, the first place is definitely mine.”

At that moment, the homeroom teacher approached them.

He had a smile on his face and happily announced, “This time, our class has made significant progress, and there are two students who deserve special praise.”

“Ji Xiaosi, compared to the midterms, you’ve risen twenty places and achieved the 11th position in our class. In the whole grade, you ranked 19th. It’s a tremendous improvement.”

Ji Xiaosi revealed a shy smile, feeling completely relieved.

Being 11th in the class and 19th in the grade was something she had never dared to imagine.

“And then we have our student, Tang Guo,” the homeroom teacher adjusted his glasses, “Originally, Tang Guo was in the top three of the grade, second in the class. Congratulations to Tang Guo for achieving the first place in the whole grade.”

As he finished speaking, everyone was shocked.

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