Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 239

“Wei Yue, how could you be with her? She’s so ugly.”

The girl who spoke was the same one who called Tang Guo ugly last time, and she stared at Tang Guo with disgust. “Didn’t they say she’s a good student? Today there is an exam at No. 1 High School, and she’s actually hanging out outside.”

The others awkwardly smiled and didn’t dare to answer, secretly glancing at Wei Yue and Tang Guo, as if trying to confirming their relationship.

The small group of gangsters who were previously cautioned by Wei Yue were certain that she must be their sister-in-law, otherwise why would the boss make them pay attention to her?

And there was the time when the boss asked if Ma Mao had thrown acid at a girl. Now, they suddenly realized why the boss had been so ruthless before, directly sending Ma Mao to the hospital.

“Wei Yue, you definitely have nothing to do with her, right?”

“How can such an ugly freak match up with you?”

The more the girl spoke, the more confident she felt in her guess, growing increasingly excited. She didn’t notice Wei Yue’s increasingly unpleasant expression.

He cautiously glanced at Tang Guo, who was burying her head and eating ice cream, and his heart tightened. He lifted his head and glared at the girl, startling her.

“Anyone who says she’s ugly, get the hell out.”

“If you don’t want to get beaten up, shut your mouth.”

The girl was frightened and couldn’t believe that Wei Yue would defend Tang Guo so fiercely. Her lips trembled, almost crying, but under Wei Yue’s glare, she dared not shed a tear.

“Boss, is she really our sister-in-law?” Some of the younger members still weren’t sure and couldn’t help but ask.

Wei Yue looked at Tang Guo, who hadn’t looked up, and gritted his teeth. “Yes, from today onwards, she’s your sister-in-law. Remember, no badmouthing her. Whoever dares to bully her, I’ll beat them up.”

“Yes, boss.”

Wei Yue held absolute authority in their hearts. Even if their sister-in-law was different from their imagination, they didn’t have many thoughts about it. The girl who refused to believe the truth ran off in tears.

“Anyway, you’re not ugly.”

Wei Yue didn’t know how to comfort others. He walked up to Tang Guo and said, “Don’t worry, with me around, no one dares to say anything about you. I’ll protect you from now on.”

This was the first time he made a promise, and he didn’t know how long he could protect her. But seeing her being called ugly, burying her head, he felt a pang of heartache. His mind was filled with scenes of her being bullied and insulted by others.

He truly wanted to grab a knife and chop those people. In that moment, he wished he could confront Ma Mao and pour a bucket of sulfuric acid on him.

The surroundings fell silent. Those who knew Wei Yue well knew that he wasn’t one to make promises. Many girls liked Wei Yue, but he had never paid attention to them.

Tang Guo was the first person who made the boss publicly say these words, and in their hearts, she was already their sister-in-law.

“Hey, say something.”

Looking at Tang Guo not raising her head, Wei Yue’s heart tightened. He gently patted her thin shoulder and said, “I’ve made it clear that I’ll help you, and you don’t say a word?”

“Boyfriend?” Tang Guo raised her head, still smiling, “So, you’re admitting our relationship?”

Seeing her smiling face, Wei Yue felt uneasy. It turned out she wasn’t crying as he had thought she was. He regretted it. How could she cry? She took pleasure in bullying him every day. How could she be upset by a little girl’s words?

He took a deep breath. “I…” He thought of the people around him and couldn’t deny it, so he retracted what he was about to say.

“Boyfriend, can I have another ice cream?”

Wei Yue was speechless. In the end, he turned around and went to the ice cream shop to buy another ice cream.

Brothers: She really is their sister-in-law. The boss is doting on her with all his might.

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