Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 237

“Boyfriend, you move so fast.”

Tang Guo stood up and approached to help Wei Yue take the items. Wei Yue moved away a bit with a displeased expression. “Sit down.”

“Okay, boyfriend, you’re so considerate.”

Wei Yue: “…”

“Then Xiaosi and I will go to the cafeteria.” Fu Zhuoshu didn’t read any further. At this moment, he finally confirmed that he felt a twinge of jealousy towards Wei Yue.

This boy caught Tang Guo’s attention from the beginning. He seemed stubborn and even held hands with Ji Xiaosi. The latter was somewhat surprised but didn’t break free. Instead, they glanced at Tang Guo’s position.

Then she saw Wei Yue opening Tang Guo’s lunchbox and even inserting a straw into her drink, placing it in front of her. Ji Xiaosi’s fluttering heart subsided a lot, and she silently followed Fu Zhuoshu downstairs.

“Boyfriend, you’re so good.”

“Shut up and eat.”

“Sigh… You didn’t deny it.”

Wei Yue pursed his lips, not looking at Tang Guo. He vigorously scooped a box of white rice, wondering why he was buying her lunch.

“Don’t just eat rice, eat some vegetables.” Tang Guo reminded him, “If you don’t have enough nutrition, you won’t be able to fight.”

“Who said I can’t fight?” Wei Yue almost jumped up. “Ma Mao was sent to the hospital by me.” After speaking, he secretly glanced at Tang Guo, as if wanting to see her reaction.

She just lowered her head to eat, and he couldn’t tell her reaction. He continued, “He won’t be discharged for at least ten days.”

Father Wei didn’t care about Wei Yue, but Wei Yue’s maternal relatives were powerful. After Wei Yue beat Ma Mao, the Ma family didn’t dare to do anything to him. As long as Wei Yue had his maternal family, there would always be someone protecting him.

“Are you venting for me?”

Wei Yue felt somewhat stifled for some reason. Suddenly, he heard Tang Guo’s words from across the table. He paused for a moment and looked at the smiling girl. His gaze fell on her cheek, where there was a rather fierce scar that stood out.

He carefully examined her appearance for the first time. She would be quite beautiful if it weren’t for that scar.

He clenched his fist, thinking that he had been too lenient yesterday.

He lowered his head and continued eating, but he was thinking about what excuse to use next time to beat up Ma Mao.

“I knew my boyfriend had a soft heart.”

Wei Yue didn’t say anything. He had gotten used to it. He felt uncomfortable if she didn’t tease him for a day. He didn’t realize that he had reached a point of indulgence towards her.

Wei Yue ate quickly. After finishing, he didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he waited for Tang Guo to finish her slow meal before taking the trash together and running out of the classroom like a mad dog.

“What do you want to drink? I’ll bring it back for you later.”

When he reached the door, Wei Yue turned around and subconsciously asked, completely forgetting that there were other classmates around. His actions confirmed the fact that he was dating Tang Guo.

Tang Guo smiled, “Whatever my boyfriend brings, I’ll drink it.”

Wei Yue was startled and hurriedly ran away. It seemed like he was being chased by a crazy dog. The others laughed in surprise. Ji Xiaosi had just returned to the classroom and couldn’t help but approach Tang Guo.

“Classmate Ji Xiaosi, is there something you need?”

Ji Xiaosi secretly glanced at Fu Zhuoshu who was doing his exercises, and sat next to Tang Guo. “You’re really together with Wei Yue?”

“Hmm? Is it not allowed?”

“No… It’s just unexpected.” Ji Xiaosi felt relieved. That was good, now no one would compete with her for Fu Zhuoshu.

Tang Guo narrowed her eyes. “Anything else?”

“No, there’s nothing.”

Ji Xiaosi looked at Tang Guo’s face, feeling guilty, and quickly returned to her seat.

Wei Yue: I’m sick, you know.

Tang Guo: Yeah, you’ve caught the “feeling uncomfortable if you don’t spoil your girlfriend for a day” disease.

Wei Yue: …

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