Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 236

[Margaret]: Thank you for the reminder, School Flower. It’s something I didn’t think of.

[Emanuel]: School Flower, is there any problem with the cosmetic device I gave? I’m starting to regret what could happen, even though I don’t know what the consequences might be. When advanced technology falls into the hands of backward civilizations, irreversible consequences are likely to occur.

This kind of thing has happened before, causing the rapid development of a civilization and ultimately leading to the destruction of that civilization by a relic of interstellar origin. It was truly a tragedy. That backward civilization, precisely because of the development of advanced technology, eventually used that technological product to discover the existence of interstellar objects.

If the race in this dimension, Ji Xiaosi included, is equally intelligent, won’t I be endangering them by introducing interstellar objects?

[School Flower]: It’s just a cosmetic device, no big issue. Just avoid giving them technological products that surpass their capabilities in the future. She’s an ordinary person and doesn’t understand causality. Don’t give things randomly.

Emanuel breathed a sigh of relief. He decided to have fewer dealings with Ji Xiaosi in the future. She seemed untrustworthy.

Before leaving the interdimensional trading group, Tang Guo asked the system to delete the chat records. The people in the group had already gotten used to it. After all, School Flower was the group owner, and clearing the chat records was nothing new.

Tang Guo glanced at Ji Xiaosi’s position and noticed the hidden excitement and enthusiasm in her eyes. She smiled.

[Host, when did you acquire that super-smart pill? You’re not fooling her, are you?]

“It’s indeed a pill that makes the mind intelligent.”

[Why do I find it hard to believe that you’re so kind-hearted?]

“I never had good intentions to begin with.”

[Host, please tell me.]

“Wait and see. Spoiling the surprise would be no fun.”

The system was speechless. [Host, have you noticed that my abilities are becoming stronger? Host, I hope you can be happy in every world. That way, I can level up faster and help you more.]

The system had no intention of keeping this secret. It wasn’t a bad thing, and it guaranteed that once the host knew, it would assist in quickening its own upgrades. After all, they were teammates, right?

“Oh? So, my happiness benefits you?”

[Yes, yes! If you’re happy in these worlds, I level up faster, and my energy grows rapidly. I’ll be able to assist you in the future.]

Tang Guo nodded. “No wonder you act cute instead of warning me that I could be obliterated.”

System: You’re probably a dog, aren’t you?

During the last class of the morning, the teacher handed out question papers for them to practice on their own. Ten minutes before the end of class, Tang Guo’s desk mate, Wei Yue, secretly slipped out of the classroom.

The teacher sitting at the podium glanced briefly but didn’t bother. Obviously, he was accustomed to Wei Yue’s behavior as long as it didn’t disrupt other students.

Ten minutes later, class ended.

Ji Xiaosi approached Fu Zhuoshu, wearing a sweet smile. “Zhuoshu, shall we go to the cafeteria together?”

Instead of responding as usual, Fu Zhuoshu looked at Tang Guo, who was only two seats away. “Tang Guo, would you like to come along?”

He didn’t notice the slight stiffness in Ji Xiaosi’s expression. When she lowered her head, her expression had reached a state of madness. When she raised her head again, she had that same sweet smile on her face.

“No thanks. My boyfriend has brought me lunch.” Tang Guo smiled and looked towards Wei Yue, who had already reached the classroom door, carrying a pile of lunch boxes. Wei Yue nearly stumbled upon hearing the words “boyfriend.”

He was truly shocked. Why did he skip class to get lunch? Was he crazy?

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