Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 235

[School Flower]: I don’t lack anything, and I have no intention of making trades.

The people in the group strongly agreed. During these days, they had never seen the School Flower group leader asking them for anything. It was as if she carried a treasure trove, filled with all sorts of extraordinary things.

Ji Xiaosi knew, of course. The group leader would send red packets every day, but she had bad luck. When the group leader sent ten red packets, she could only grab one, and it was just some ordinary food.

She didn’t know about the existence of a system that interfered. Tang Guo would only let her grab the red packets that she was able to grab.

[Ji Xiaosi]: Group leader, I really need that kind of pill. Can you do me a favor? I will remember your kindness, and in the future, if you need anything, I will definitely help.

This statement made everyone laugh. Empty promises, who wouldn’t make them? As mere mortals, what help could they offer to the mysterious and powerful School Flower group leader?

[School Flower]: Do you really need it? But I don’t like giving things away for free.

[Ji Xiaosi]: I’ll exchange it with my best possessions.

Upon seeing this statement, everyone fell into contemplation. Weren’t all the red packets recently sent by the School Flower valuable items? And they were given away for free. But now, she said she didn’t like giving things away for free?

They didn’t think that the School Flower giving them things was forced; they even felt that she enjoyed sharing items with them.

So… was the problem with Ji Xiaosi?

They were all smart people, and they instantly understood that the School Flower didn’t like Ji Xiaosi?

With this realization, their impression of Ji Xiaosi deteriorated further. If even the School Flower didn’t like Ji Xiaosi, it meant that there was something truly wrong with her. In the future, they should minimize their interactions with Ji Xiaosi, especially when it comes to resisting her pleas to give her things.

Being good to Ji Xiaosi would offend the School Flower, which wasn’t worth it.

Tang Guo didn’t know that a single sentence had caused this group of people to imagine so much, further deceiving Ji Xiaosi.

[School Flower]: Okay, then.

Finally, Ji Xiaosi listed all the things she possessed, all of which she had obtained from the people in the group. Ji Xiaosi, who was anxious to achieve good results in the final exams, completely forgot that a group of people were watching.

She took out those items, leaving everyone feeling subtle inside. But when they thought about these items ending up in the School Flower’s hands, they didn’t feel so uncomfortable anymore.

[School Flower]: A pill that makes one exceptionally intelligent for half a shichen. I don’t actually need these things you have, but let’s exchange five pills for now.

T/N: 1 shichen = 2 hours.

[Ji Xiaosi]: Thank you, group leader.

Half a shichen was equivalent to an hour, so she would have five hours of exceptional intelligence.

Ji Xiaosi bid farewell to the group and discreetly put away her phone. She subconsciously glanced in Tang Guo’s direction and saw that Tang Guo was still paying attention to the class. She let out a sigh of relief and quickly shifted her gaze to the blackboard.

During the moment she turned around, Tang Guo raised his eyes and glanced at her, a smile forming at the corner of her mouth. Her consciousness had not yet withdrawn from the interdimensional trading group.

[School Flower]: Ji Xiaosi is an ordinary person. When you trade with her in the future, don’t exchange items that have too many significant effects, so as not to cause irreparable consequences for yourselves.

The people in the group were shocked, suddenly understanding why the School Flower wanted to exchange these things.

[School Flower]: Ordinary pills are fine, but things like curse symbols and lucky charms, it’s better to trade less with her. If she uses them on innocent ordinary people, who do you think the consequences will fall on?

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