Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 234

Recently, fewer people in the group have been trading with Ji Xiaosi. She is still using the inventory she obtained from the group before.

She feels extremely panicked when she can’t get what she wants through these transactions.

Everything she has is given by the Interdimensional Trading Group. If she can’t obtain more benefits from it, what purpose does the group serve for her?

In fact, what she wants most from the group is cultivation techniques. There are a total of five people in the group who should be from cultivation realms: Ziyun Zhenren, Chixiao Zhenjun, Demon Sect Master, Misty Fairy, and Yinhuan Sanren. The ones she is familiar with are Chixiao Zhenjun and Ziyun Zhenren. Basically, all the good things from the cultivation realms come from them.

She has mentioned it a few times, but both of them refused. They said that cultivation techniques cannot be casually shared to avoid unknown consequences.

Ji Xiaosi sneered at this. They are not even in the same realm, so what consequences could there be? Most likely, they are just using this excuse because she can’t offer something of equal value.

[Ji Xiaosi]: Chixiao Zhenjun, are you there?

[Chixiao Zhenjun]: I don’t know how to refine pills, and I have never heard of any pill that can make one’s mind exceptionally sharp. Cultivators are already quite intelligent.

Chixiao Zhenjun spoke the truth. Stepping into the path of cultivation gradually makes even fools smarter. It’s not that such pills cannot be refined; it’s just that there is no need for them.

[Ji Xiaosi]: Ziyun Zhenren, are you there? Is what Chixiao Zhenjun said true?

Being questioned, Chixiao Zhenjun snorted and ignored Ji Xiaosi. Over the past half month, Ji Xiaosi has revealed her selfish nature, although the people in the group don’t say it, it doesn’t mean they don’t understand. They are well aware of her intentions; they just don’t want to argue with a mortal.

She thought she could obtain cultivation techniques from them. Did she really think they were fools?

What if Ji Xiaosi’s realm doesn’t even have cultivators, and they give her cultivation techniques? She would cause trouble everywhere, and the consequences would eventually fall upon them. It’s a thankless task.

[Ziyun Zhenren]: Indeed, such a pill does not exist.

Ji Xiaosi felt somewhat discouraged but was unwilling to give up.

[Ji Xiaosi]: Then, why did the pills we exchanged before make my mind clear?

[Ziyun Zhenren]: Those were marrow-cleansing pills. Making the mind clear is just one of their incidental effects. I have recently gained many insights and plan to seclude myself for a period of time.

In fact, Jixiaosi is just too annoying. Otherwise, he really can’t bear to leave his fellow group members and the school flower group leader. Of course, what he can’t bear the most is the school flower group leader’s delicious food.

Following that, Ji Xiaosi asked the other group members. Everyone who was present replied that they had never seen such a medicine.

Emmanuel from the interstellar realm stated that they only have genetic modifiers and didn’t know if Ji Xiaosi could use them. The severe consequences could result in physical collapse since she is not from their realm. Genetic modifiers are specifically designed for their own realm.

Of course, Ji Xiaosi wouldn’t make the exchange. Such a medicine has no guarantee and may not even work. What if she ends up killing herself by taking it?

[School Flower]: What are you all talking about?

[Misty Fairy]: Ji Xiaosi is asking if we have a pill that can make the mind exceptionally sharp.

Misty Fairy, who rarely speaks, appeared when Tang Guo showed up and couldn’t help but join in to leave an impression.

[School Flower]: A pill that makes the mind exceptionally sharp?

Ji Xiaosi’s heart skipped a beat, and she quickly sent a message: “Group Leader, do you have one? I’ll trade with you.”

She realized that someone had caught on to a certain plot… Hmm.

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