Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 233

“Can you please stop looking at me? Good student, focus on your studies. You’ve already caught the teacher’s attention.”

Wei Yue couldn’t stand it any longer. During class, there was a serious gaze sweeping over him.

The corner of Tang Guo’s mouth curved into a smile as her eyes shifted to Ji Xiaosi, who was solving a problem.

Ji Xiaosi had acquired some beneficial items in the group. She took some mind-clearing pills, which significantly enhanced her intelligence. Her test scores had improved greatly this semester, attracting the teacher’s interest.

As a result, she was occasionally selected by the teacher to solve problems during class, and Ji Xiaosi was happy to showcase herself.

“Very good, Ji Xiaosi has made significant progress. The final exams are approaching, so pay more attention to revision. If you have any difficult problems, you can come to the office and find me.”

Ji Xiaosi flashed a sweet smile. “Okay, teacher.”

She walked down under the envious gazes of her classmates. Subconsciously, she glanced at Tang Guo’s position and coincidentally met Tang Guo’s smiling face. It made her feel a bit flustered, so she quickly returned to her seat.

“Now, for the next question…” The teacher scanned the room, and the guilty students buried their heads to avoid eye contact, hoping to escape his attention. “Tang Guo, come up.”

The teacher’s gaze towards Tang Guo carried a hint of pity. Such a beautiful girl had been ruined like this… It would be false to say he wasn’t angry. Tang Guo was not only beautiful but also had excellent grades, ranking third in the whole grade. Not everyone could achieve that.

All the subject teachers were currently worried and afraid to approach Tang Guo, fearing that they would add to her psychological burden.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Tang Guo. While Tang Guo had good grades, they were uncertain if she could focus on studying after what happened, especially since she seemed even more carefree than before. Whether it was during or after class, she kept teasing Wei Yue. Did she intend to use this behavior as a way to vent and let herself go?

Tang Guo walked up to the podium, holding a chalk and only glanced at the question on the blackboard before starting to answer.

It was a geometry problem, and according to the normal problem-solving approach, one would need to draw some dotted lines and solid lines on the diagram for annotations before proceeding with the solution.

However, Tang Guo seemed to possess an extraordinarily powerful brain. She didn’t need any drafts; she just started writing.

Fu Zhuoshu frowned slightly as he looked at the question on the blackboard. This question had already exceeded the syllabus. He had seen it in his second year of high school. Looking at the thin back facing him, he felt somewhat worried.

“Teacher, I’ve finished solving it.”

Tang Guo stepped aside, allowing everyone to see her answer.

Even if there was an answer, many students couldn’t understand it. Those who did understand couldn’t help but admire Tang Guo even more when they saw her answer. She truly deserved her reputation as the top student, being able to solve such a difficult question.

The teacher was also surprised. “Correct.”

“Absolutely correct. Tang Guo’s answer is perfect.”

The teacher had already taken Tang Guo’s answer as the standard answer for the class, and as he explained it, the students truly admired her.

Fu Zhuoshu’s eyes also brightened. It seemed like she had become even more remarkable than before.

Even Wei Yue, who had been dozing off, was now wide awake. He stole a glance at the girl sitting next to him, his heart pounding faster and faster, unable to be suppressed.

Why was this happening?

Was he sick? Why couldn’t he control his heartbeat when he looked at her?

Ji Xiaosi buried her head, her eyes filled with complex emotions. She secretly took out her phone and opened the interdimensional communication group.

[Ji Xiaosi]: Master Ziyun, do you happen to have any pills that can make the mind exceptionally intelligent?

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