Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 232

“Did you get into a fight?”

After class, Tang Guo looked at Wei Yue with a smile on her face as she asked about his swollen face and bruised nose. Wei Yue was terrified by her strange gaze.

He should have skipped class today. Damn it, he wondered if he had been cursed this morning.

“What’s it to you?”

Tang Guo chuckled and took out a bottle of medicinal wine from her bag, placing it in front of Wei Yue. “Here, my future boyfriend may be a gangster, but fortunately, I am prepared for it. Wipe your face, it looks so handsome, and injuries don’t suit you.”

Wei Yue’s expression grew more and more awkward, and he was afraid to look at Tang Guo. Tang Guo must be crazy—she said it so loudly, as if she wanted everyone to hear her.

Look at the gazes of the other classmates. It’s so frustrating, and it’s hard to explain.

“Are you waiting for me to help you apply the medicine?” Tang Guo made a gesture to reach for the medicinal wine. Wei Yue, as if frightened, quickly grabbed the bottle and anxiously said, “No need, I’ll do it myself.”

“Okay, fine, do it yourself, boyfriend.”

“You…” Wei Yue pursed his lips, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Oh, come on. We’ve already hugged before. I just gave it to you the medicine in the name of your girlfriend. You didn’t deny it either,” Tang Guo blinked, “Let’s apply the medicine. I won’t tease you anymore. I want to study.”

“The final exams are coming up soon,” Tang Guo’s gaze became more serious, “This time, I want to be the top student in the whole grade.”

Her voice wasn’t small, and everyone in the class heard it. Especially Fu Zhuoshu, who was the top student in the previous exam, heard it too. The two of them had no interaction, but he remembered Tang Guo because she was the second-ranked student in Class 3 of the first year and the third-ranked student in the whole grade.

In recent days, Tang Guo’s name had become well-known throughout the school.

Everyone knew that she had been attacked with sulfuric acid. Some people thought she had offended someone, but only the classmates in Class 3 of the first year knew that she was completely innocent. However, no matter how they explained it, others didn’t believe it.

Fu Zhuoshu had always been in the corner, paying attention to this girl who was still radiant despite her disfigurement.

Before Ji Xiaosi appeared in his line of sight, Tang Guo was the girl he paid the most attention to in this school.

He didn’t know when Ji Xiaosi had already occupied his entire field of vision, but seeing Tang Guo, who often flirted with Wei Yue with a smiling face, he couldn’t help but be drawn to her involuntarily.

He was a bit confused about who was really attracting him, Tang Guo or Ji Xiaosi.

Ever since she enrolled in the No.1 High School, Tang Guo had been hailed as the school belle. Her gaze was always on Wei Yue, a little gangster, and she never looked at anyone else seriously.

Everyone said that Tang Guo was beautiful and smart but blind. He somewhat agreed. He didn’t know if it was jealousy or not until Ji Xiaosi appeared, and he seemed to deliberately ignore Tang Guo.

“[Host, the male lead is stealing glances at you.]”

Not to mention that the system had already been upgraded. Even before the upgrade, it was a breeze to scan the surroundings to see who was paying attention to Tang Guo.

The system sighed, truly worthy of its host. Without even flirting, she managed to captivate the male lead.

“What does it have to do with me if he’s looking at me? I’m not interested in him at all.”

“[Host, don’t you think that getting the male lead interested in you would be the greatest revenge against Ji Xiaosi?]” The system asked in confusion. Isn’t the war between women supposed to be like this?

Tang Guo sneered, “To deal with Ji Xiaosi, I have to flirt with someone I’m not interested in? I don’t have that kind of spare time. Wei Yue is cuter. Just looking at him is enjoyable. His innocence and cute love are highly desirable.”

System: Dog host.

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