Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 228

“What’s wrong?”

“You look very pale.”

After asking the first sentence, the second and third sentences naturally followed.

The slight uneasiness in Wei Yue’s heart disappeared, and he didn’t take his eyes off Tang Guo. Seeing her just smiling, he didn’t bother to argue. The next action he took completely shocked the system.

He actually picked up Tang Guo directly, in a princess carry no less. Feeling her struggle, he coldly said, “Don’t move. I’ll take you to the infirmary.”

“I knew you had a crush on me.”

Wei Yue: “…” He really wanted to drop her.

But his grip tightened even more, and even when going downstairs, he was afraid of tripping and falling with her. He looked extremely cautious, astonishing the passersby.

“Is that Wei Yue?”

“Is he carrying Tang Guo?”

“Oh my god, how is that possible? Doesn’t Wei Yue dislike Tang Guo?”

“To be honest, Tang Guo is really nice. If I were Wei Yue, I wouldn’t be able to resist.”

Wei Yue’s footsteps paused as he heard the comments, but he kept his pace steady, carrying Tang Guo to the infirmary. However, his blushing ears gave him away. He pursed his lips and carefully placed Tang Guo on the bed in the infirmary.

“She doesn’t look too good. Please examine her,” he said to the doctor.

While Tang Guo was being examined, Wei Yue inserted his hands into his pockets and didn’t keep staring at her. From time to time, he secretly glanced at her pale face. As for that terrifying scar, this time he took a serious look at it. His eyebrows slightly furrowed, and he even had an impulse to remove that scar from her face.

Suddenly startled, he approached the doctor as the examination was almost done to inquire. “It’s just anemia. The girl doesn’t like to eat, afraid of gaining weight. Just remind her to eat on time in the future.” The doctor murmured, as if this situation was common in schools.

Wei Yue brought Tang Guo back to the classroom and pressed her onto her seat, wearing a somewhat serious expression. “Stay here and don’t move. I’ll go buy lunch.”

Watching Wei Yue’s hurried departure, Tang Guo smiled with delight. “How about that? I told you he has a crush on me.”

System: [Host, I won’t question you anymore. Just now, I detected a momentary acceleration in his heartbeat. This guy has really good control; he almost fooled me too.]

Tang Guo didn’t respond to the system’s words. How could a series of data accurately measure a person’s heart?

[Host, are you planning to make a move on him?]

“That’s what I’m thinking. When his ears turned red just now, he looked cute, don’t you think?” Tang Guo’s eyes sparkled with interest. “I want to have a serious relationship with him.”

The system pondered her words for a moment. “Marriage?”

Having traveled through many worlds, even as a supporting character, cannon fodder, or villain, the system’s host had never truly married anyone.

“Why do we have to get married?” Tang Guo wondered. “Isn’t it fine to have a lifelong love where you love me and I love you?”

[Host, that’s being shameless.]

“I’m not abandoning him, so how am I being shameless? Who says love cannot last a lifetime?”

The system finally realized that there was something wrong with its host’s view of love. No, there was something wrong with the host as a whole. It hadn’t noticed before, but it did today.

[Host, do you know you have issues?]

“Let’s eat.”

Without waiting for Tang Guo’s response, Wei Yue returned with a tall disposable lunch box and quickly placed it in front of her. It was undoubtedly a very rich lunch with high nutritional value.

Tang Guo: You have a crush on me.

Wei Yue: You’re overthinking.

Tang Guo: You carried me.

Wei Yue: I must have been possessed.

Tang Guo: Then I’ll find someone else.

Wei Yue: I have a crush on you, I carried you, and the whole school says you’re mine… You… You’re not allowed to find someone else.

Tang Guo: Hehe… Want to be with me?

Wei Yue: I do.

Tang Guo: Just dating, okay?

Wei Yue pouted: No marriage certificate?

Tang Guo: Greed is not good. I only like you.

Wei Yue (compromising): Only allowed to like me.

Tang Guo: Mmm, I like you the most.

Wei Yue: Damn it. I’m actually feeling a bit satisfied.

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