Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 227

When Tang Guo heard that Ji Xiaosi had already cracked the egg, she was also somewhat stunned.

Could she be a fool? Everyone had told her that the egg was spoiled, so why did she still go ahead and break it?

System: [Maybe she’s used to picking up bargains and thinks even if it’s spoiled, it’s still something good.]


Tang Guo couldn’t help but smile, her lips curled up in delight, while her desk mate, Wei Yue, looked somewhat at a loss.

From his perspective, he only saw Tang Guo propping her chin with one hand, eyes closed, as if she was having a pleasant dream. Tang Guo felt his gaze and abruptly opened her eyes, locking gazes with him.

“Are you looking at me?” Tang Guo’s smile did not fade, and she leaned closer. “Are you secretly in love with me?”

Wei Yue: “…”

“No, I don’t.” Wei Yue met those beautiful eyes and quickly shifted his gaze elsewhere. “Stop overthinking, or I might think you are delusional.”

“You definitely have a secret crush on me.”

Wei Yue: “…”

“You don’t have to admit it, it’s fine. I know, and that’s enough.”

Tang Guo straightened up, her gaze briefly sweeping over Ji Xiaosi’s empty seat. It was lunchtime now, and Ji Xiaosi’s house was not far from here, about a ten-minute walk. Her family was not well-off, so she went home to eat every day.

Because she had just been chatting in a group and witnessed Ji Xiaosi’s foolish behavior in the group, she was so happy that she didn’t go to the cafeteria.

What puzzled her was that Wei Yue, who always left his seat as soon as class ended, had not left yet either.

[Host, since he’s not interested in you, just let him go. Consider it a good thing.] the system advised.

Tang Guo smiled and said, “You don’t understand, he really has a secret crush on me.”

“Really?” The system was somewhat uncertain and scanned Wei Yue, but still couldn’t discern anything.

“Don’t believe me?”

The system remained silent. It really didn’t believe it. Wei Yue’s heartbeat was normal, and he didn’t see any strange expressions on their host’s face, unlike someone who liked their host.

“Well, I’ll let you see for yourself.”

The system’s heart skipped a beat. Was the host planning something bad?

After saying that, Tang Guo leaned on the desk, pretending to be asleep. She put on a pale expression, her previous bright smile gone.

The series of actions left the system in shock. What exactly was the host planning to do? She made herself pale and pretended to be uncomfortable. Did she really think Wei Yue, this wooden guy, would come over to comfort her?

Even if he did comfort her, it didn’t mean he had a secret crush on her.

The system didn’t say anything and continued to observe.

Wei Yue found it strange. The girl who was just smiling happily suddenly leaned on the desk and fell asleep, but he didn’t pay it much attention. He stood up and walked outside. Who knows why he hadn’t been leaving the classroom immediately after class lately; it was simply inexplicable.

He walked out of the classroom with long strides, just like before.

System: [Host, I think your judgment this time is…] Before the system could say “wrong,” it saw Wei Yue quickly returning and standing in front of Tang Guo, looking at her for a while.

System: He chose not to speak. He truly couldn’t understand the complexities of the human heart.

“Hey…” Wei Yue nudged Tang Guo. “Aren’t you going to eat? A good student won’t have the energy for the afternoon classes if they don’t eat.”

System: Calm down! This definitely isn’t Wei Yue; he must have been possessed.

Tang Guo raised her head slightly, and a faint smile appeared on her somewhat pale face. “You have a secret crush on me. I guessed right.”

Wei Yue lifted his foot, ready to leave, but he didn’t move. His brow furrowed tightly, as if he wanted to strangle a fly. He looked at that pale face, took a deep breath, and chose not to argue with this delusional person.

“Are you sick?”

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