Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 226

System: [Host, stop pretending. You polished the surface of those eggs so smoothly just to make Ji Xiaosi misunderstand that they can hatch, right? You’re so wicked. Does your mother know? Does your father know? Does your man know?]

“I don’t have a man.”

[System: Wei Yue.]

Tang Guo: “…”

She had a bit of a headache. This Wei Yue, she really couldn’t get through to him. She had stopped bothering him now anyway since she wouldn’t get any results.

After finishing what she wanted to do, she would leave this world.

For some reason, as she hurriedly passed through, there was a hint of regret in her heart.

Thinking of the previous worlds, she sneered. She was still greedy for the love of people after all.

[System: If you lack love, just choose another target. There are still many excellent men in this world. With your methods, just beckon them and they will come over and dote on you.]

Tang Guo was speechless. “What do you think of me? I inherited the original host’s emotions. If Wei Yue doesn’t firmly reject me, these feelings won’t disappear. Besides, I’ve looked around, and Wei Yue seems a little more pleasing to the eye.”


Hehe, the pleasing to the eye guy. You want to control emotions, but it’s not so easy to control. Isn’t it just the twisted taste of this dog host?

In the group chat, people were still discussing because Ji Xiaosi had mentioned everyone one by one.

[Ziyun Zhenren]: What egg?

[Ji Xiaosi]: It’s the egg I stole from the group owner’s red envelope before. I’ve been keeping it, but I noticed it stinks today.

It stank after being left for a month. Ji Xiaosi completely didn’t suspect that the egg was cooked. How could she know it was because the energy inside the egg had been depleted, causing it to spoil and stink?

At that time, Ziyun Zhenren’s mouth twitched. He felt that Ji Xiaosi was really dumb. Doesn’t an egg stink after a month?

[Chixiao Zhenjun]: Although the things the group owner sent were delicious, Ji Xiaosi, you don’t have to keep an egg for a month. It would be strange if it doesn’t spoil after a month.

[Demon Sect Master]: I have to say, that egg was really delicious. Fortunately, this deity came back early and managed to snatch the last one. It was really tasty. Ji Xiaosi, you should eat the group owner’s things sooner. There’s no special way to preserve them over there. They lose their effect if kept for too long.

Ji Xiaosi was dumbfounded.

Was that egg cooked? Was it edible? Was it not a divine beast?

Tang Guo could already imagine Ji Xiaosi’s expression at this moment.

She sat in her seat and let out a low laughter, drawing the attention of her desk mate, Wei Yue. When he looked over, he was slightly stunned. Even with an ugly scar, it couldn’t hide her charm. When Tang Guo noticed, the flustered Wei Yue laid down and pretended to sleep.

“So dumb, hahaha.”

[System: …] It’s a bit dumb, and she’s the female lead. Why is she so dumb? Keeping an egg for a month, it’s hard to imagine what kind of stench it turned into.

But as long as the host is happy, his energy will skyrocket when he leaves this world.

Does losing integrity matter?

Is there energy in integrity important?

[Ji Xiaosi]: Group owner, are you there? Is this egg really cooked?

Ji Xiaosi didn’t quite believe it and wanted to confirm.

Tang Guo appeared at the right time and told Ji Xiaosi the truth.

[School Flower]: You’re still keeping it?

She acted as if she didn’t know the truth, making the system facepalm several times. The fragmented host is really scary.

Ji Xiaosi basically confirmed that the egg was cooked. She smashed open the foul-smelling egg, and instantly, a strange stench filled the entire room, nearly making her pass out.

[School Flower]: By the way, since it’s spoiled, you should handle it quickly. Don’t smash it open…

Ji Xiaosi saw this message and had a bad feeling.

[Ji Xiaosi]: I… I already smashed it open.

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