Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 225

“Host, have you ever considered what if Wei Yue agrees? You’re not in a difficult situation anymore. You originally wanted to end this one-sided love, but if he agrees, haha, I’m really curious to see how you’ll end up in that situation.”

However, the system was destined to be disappointed.

Tang Guo was serious, even with a smile on her lips. “That’s actually great. I have inherited my emotions, and he likes me too. Isn’t it wonderful for us to be together? As long as Wei Yue treats me well, I promise to only love him in this lifetime and be good to him alone.”

System: Damn, here comes the host who ruins everything again.

“Forget it, I don’t want to deal with Wei Yue anymore. Let’s focus on other things for now.”

Tang Guo gave up on her goal of resolving this one-sided love and started thinking about other matters.

Lately, she had been communicating with the people in the group. Gradually, other group members started appearing, and they all accepted the fact that their group had a leader.

Ji Xiaosi also learned about the group leader, but she didn’t have many thoughts about it. She just hoped that this group leader, like others, would bring her some benefits.

The unfortunate thing was that recently, the people in the group didn’t seem to enjoy her food as much as before.

Many times she tried to tempt them with her delicious food, but their enthusiasm was lacking.

She didn’t know that when she wasn’t in the group, Tang Guo had already treated everyone with her collected delicacies.

The food Tang Guo brought was not only delicious but also had benefits. It was the group leader’s free contribution, far superior to what Ji Xiaosi had in her hands.

Ji Xiaosi was dissatisfied, so she pestered several familiar people and exchanged food for what she needed, finally letting out a sigh of relief.

She had no idea that these people were very dissatisfied. The school flower and group leader brought out such good food without asking them to exchange. In fact, they are very willing to exchange but always feel embarrassed to always eat the leader’s food. Later, occasionally, they will find good things and send them to Tang Guo in the form of a red envelope.

Tang Guo didn’t refuse; she knew what these people were thinking, so she accepted the gifts to prevent them from feeling uneasy, which would be detrimental to her plan.

Her plan was to make the people in the group see Ji Xiaosi’s selfish and self-serving side, so that in the future, they would just stand by and watch without helping her.

Without their help, Ji Xiaosi would self-destruct without her having to do anything. She was a dissatisfied person who was extremely insecure and vain. She thought she could achieve everything easily by relying on external factors. When she lost those things, she had no idea what kind of situation she would face.

Ji Xiaosi had made the original host disfigured, so Tang Guo would take away what Ji Xiaosi valued the most, but it would just be tit for tat.

Ji Xiaosi was still immersed in the benefits she was receiving, completely unaware that the people in the group were dissatisfied with her. They thought she was clueless and greedy, truly a symptom of worldly people.

How did they previously find Ji Xiaosi innocent and adorable? It was beyond comprehension.

Ji Xiaosi was eagerly waiting for the egg to hatch, and after a month, a strange smell filled her room. In the end, she discovered that the smell was coming from the egg.

[Ji Xiaosi]: Everyone, what kind of egg is this? Why does it smell bad?

Until now, Ji Xiaosi didn’t believe that the egg had gone bad. She was afraid it might not be a divine beast anymore, but some kind of monster.

Tang Guo happened to be browsing the group and saw this message, which caused her burst out laughing.

“She doesn’t think that egg can hatch, does she? She’s still keeping it?”

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