Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 223

For Tang Guo, the school flower, to take the initiative to sit next to the scumbag, Wei Yue, the students in Class 3 of the first year refused to accept it.

Although Tang Guo was disfigured, they still admired her. What a great girl she was, why didn’t fate treat her kindly?

The whole school knows that Tang Guo has a crush on Wei Yue. They used to think there was still a glimmer of hope for them, but now… the chances are zero.

However, no one brought this up. They simply thought Tang Guo was feeling suppressed and wanted something to vent her frustration.

What puzzled them was that no matter how Tang Guo harassed Wei Yue, he would just sleep on his desk without hitting or scolding her. He simply ignored her.

Ji Xiaosi was relieved because she was sure that Tang Guo had no idea she was the one who accidentally bumped into her.

During the scorching summer, Tang Guo would bring back a bottle of cold water for Wei Yue while drinking her own. The considerate gesture made the boys in the class envy Wei Yue even more.

So what if she was disfigured? Tang Guo, the school flower, was still incredibly outstanding.

Her charm was enough to make people overlook her face. When she smiled, she was still beautiful.

Ji Xiaosi noticed something terrifying. More and more people were confessing their feelings to Tang Guo every day. She felt jealous and panicked. In her eyes, Tang Guo was already comparable to an enchantress.

Even without her face, people still liked her. She couldn’t understand why.

Tang Guo sat at her desk, bored, opening one love letter after another and reading them in a soft voice. It must be said that there were many talented students in their school, and their love letters had a certain charm when read aloud.

The system had grown accustomed to the occasional eccentricities of its host. The habit of reading love letters every day was already considered a good habit.

But the system didn’t understand. [Host, isn’t it said that people judge by appearances? Why do so many people like you?]

Even the system thought that the scar on the right side of Tang Guo’s face was really scary. The shy and infatuated looks from those boys completely shocked the system.

“Because my charm is enough for them to overlook my face.”

The system: I don’t get it.

“Of course, you don’t. In the eyes of men, a confident and influential girl with good grades and noble temperament, except for the fact that she has half of her face ruined, how attractive is she?”

“Now that I’m doing better, people only feel pity for the scars on my face, not disgust. They only hate the person responsible for it. If it weren’t for that person, I would be even better.”

The system thought, my goodness, humans are still so complex, even though it and the host have traveled through so many worlds, it still doesn’t understand.

Isn’t it all about appearances? But now they’re not judging by appearances anymore.

Tang Guo couldn’t be bothered to explain the complexity of human nature. Instead, she continued reading the love letters, with varying tones and pitches, which made Wei Yue, who was trying to sleep, extremely annoyed.

“What exactly do you want?”

Wei Yue glared at Tang Guo. “I won’t agree to it.”

Tang Guo put away the love letters, looked up, and a splendid smile appeared on her face. “You obviously like me, so why don’t you admit it?”

“You’re thinking too much.”

“Is that so? Then reject me, say you hate me, say I’m ugly, say you can never like me.”

Come on, let’s hurt each other.

“I…” Wei Yue stood up, furrowing his brows, looming over Tang Guo with a menacing look that frightened the girls in the class. “Go back to your seat.”

Tang Guo furrowed her brows. “Why don’t you like me?”

Wei Yue pursed his lips and remained silent.

Why didn’t he like her? He thought about it for a while but couldn’t come up with a reason. Not liking someone meant not liking them. There didn’t have to be so many reasons.

“Of course, it’s because you’re ugly.”

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