Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 222

After class, Tang Guo’s classmates noticed that she seemed to have no psychological trauma, so they began asking her what happened.

Tang Guo told them the truth, saying that she was walking on the road when someone bumped into her, and then a lunatic rushed towards her and splashed sulfuric acid on her.

“After splashing it, the person said they had mistaken me for someone else,” Tang Guo smirked lightly. “So I became an innocent victim. As for the person who bumped into me, she was too fast for me to see clearly, and I don’t know what conflict she had with this boy.”

“Which school is that boy from? Could it be our No. 1 High School?”

Tang Guo chuckled inwardly. She knew these classmates would not disappoint her.

“He’s from No. 2 High School, named Ma Mao, the only son of the Ma family,” she said, her eyes dimming. “He’s not someone we can mess with. Otherwise, I’d have sent him to prison.”

This was in line with the original host’s character. She never showed mercy to those who offended her. Tang Guo had always been the domineering school flower at No. 1 High School. It was this personality that fascinated so many people.

Upon hearing it was Ma Mao, the others didn’t dare to ask further. He was indeed someone they couldn’t afford to provoke.

Suddenly, a boy who had been dozing off in the corner lifted his head and stared at Tang Guo, his gaze fixed on her face.

Tang Guo smiled at him. “What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen an ugly freak before?”

The boy furrowed his brows but didn’t say anything. However, Tang Guo walked over, crossed her arms, raised an eyebrow, and leaned down. “You always said you didn’t deserve me because of your poor grades. Now that I’m disfigured, and you have bad grades, we both have flaws. How about we become a pair?”

This boy, named Wei Yue, was the person the original host had feelings for. She had confessed her feelings, but he hadn’t responded. He hardly interacted with anyone in the class.

Wei Yue came from a well-off family, but he lost his mother at a young age. His father brought back a child born out of wedlock right after his mother’s death, turning the once genius prodigy into an underachiever. He had also become notorious as a troublemaker at No. 1 High School, earning the title of the school bully.

He and Ma Mao, the school bully from No. 2 High School, were archenemies. The reason for their enmity was a bit cliché.

The woman Wei’s father brought back, the mother of the illegitimate child, had the surname Ma. She happened to be Ma Mao’s father’s sister, which made her Ma Mao’s aunt.

The classroom fell silent. They were genuinely worried for Tang Guo, the school flower. Regardless of the past or the present, Tang Guo was someone they admired.

This Wei Yue was just as fierce as Ma Mao. Now that Tang Guo’s face was ruined, she dared to provoke him and even suggested they become a couple.

Wei Yue looked deeply at Tang Guo. He suspected that this woman was not quite right in the head after her disfigurement.

So he simply laid his head on the desk and fell asleep, not paying any attention to Tang Guo.

Instead of leaving, Tang Guo sat next to him and nudged him. “What? Are you disgusted? At least half of my face is still present. Isn’t it the same when the lights are off?”

Class 10-3 students: “…” The school flower is getting bolder.

Ji Xiaosi initially felt a bit panicked, but then she felt relieved. Seeing Tang Guo still radiant and captivating even after being disfigured, it left her with an indescribable feeling.

She couldn’t imitate the grace and dignity Tang Guo exuded, despite having a somewhat similar face.

As a result, her guilt faded away.

After all, she was still Miss Tang, and even though she was disfigured, she was still living well with her wealthy family.

If Tang Guo knew what she was thinking, she would definitely break her image and curse, “What the hell are you thinking? Living well, my ass!”

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