Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 221

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On Tuesday, Tang Guo wore the No. 1 High School uniform skirt and refused to be accompanied by the driver into the school.

Walking into the campus with half of her face disfigured, she attracted countless gazes as soon as she appeared at the school gate.

Tang Guo was famous in No. 1 High School. She was beautiful, noble, and the goddess of all the boys. So when they saw their goddess disfigured, they simply couldn’t accept it. They stared at her in disbelief.

“Tang Guo?”

It was a boy from her class who stared at Tang Guo. “How did this happen to you?”

Tang Guo saw disappointment in his eyes. Was he disappointed in this beautiful face?

Tang Guo stopped in front of him, glanced at him, and suddenly smiled. “It was an accident. Half a month ago, a madman splashed sulfuric acid on me and ruined half of my face.”

As the crowd listened to Tang Guo’s casual words, they were shaken. The girls who had been somewhat gloating now felt a bit sorry for her.

In their eyes, Tang Guo’s smile was a forced one. If she cried and looked devastated, they might only offer some sympathy.

And with her ugly face, they would even feel repulsed.

But Tang Guo had entered with confidence from the very beginning, as if nothing had happened. Even without her looks, she was still the School Flower of No. 1 High School. No one present could deny that.

Their first thought was that they would definitely fall into despair and wouldn’t be able to come back to school like Tang Guo, pretending nothing had happened.

So, subconsciously, they ignored her face and instead admired her a little. Then they started to curse the person who had thrown the sulfuric acid.

“There’s nothing I can do. My family’s background is no match for the other side. If we confront them head-on, my family will be in trouble.”

When asked if the other person had been caught and punished, Tang Guo replied in this way.

“Even so, I can’t just give up on life, right? It’s just a face. I don’t believe that without this face, I can’t continue studying at No. 1 High School with my brain.”

Everyone quickly shook their heads. Tang, the top three in the grade, was already smarter than most people.

Moreover, she was still Miss Tang, and even if she stopped studying, she would still inherit the family’s wealth. It wouldn’t make much of a difference.

The reason the original owner of the body was mocked by everyone was also because Tang’s family had fallen, and there was no backing force behind her. When the wall collapsed, everyone pushed.

Nowadays, Tang’s family’s power remains the same as before, and it may even become stronger in the future. Would these students at No. 1 High School dare to offend her?

Tang Guo walked all the way to Class 3 of the first year and attracted the attention of countless people. Her confident appearance added a touch of strength to her, making people feel a bit sorry for her.

When Tang Guo entered Class 3 of the first year, surprisingly, not a single person stared at her face.

She smiled. It seemed the effect was good. People have a tendency to follow the crowd. When these people saw that she wasn’t too affected and remained as strong as before, their sympathy turned into admiration.

If anyone dared to mock her at this moment, she promised that those people would be drowned in spit.

The most shocked person was Ji Xiaosi, naturally.

She later remembered this incident and panicked for a long time. When she met Ma Mao, she wanted to run, but Ma Mao stopped her and admitted his mistake.

Ma Mao also said that it was fortunate that he mistook the person back then; otherwise, he would regret it for the rest of his life. He also said that the person looked so much like her; otherwise, he wouldn’t have made the mistake. But because of that, he was prevented from making a mistake.

When Ji Xiaosi saw Tang Guo, she felt guilty, especially when she saw the hideous scars on her face, which made her heart skipped a beat.

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