Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 220

[Margaret]: I have new curse talismans here.

[General Billy]: If you need a new cosmetic device, I can help you buy one. No need to rely on that guy, Emmanuel.

General Billy and Emmanuel are from the same interstellar plane and are good friends.

Ji Xiaosi noticed that everyone wanted to trade with her for the egg, and she felt more and more that the egg must be a divine beast egg. Otherwise, why would these people offer so many valuable items in exchange?

So she firmly refused to trade.

Ji Xiaosi: “I’m sorry, everyone. I really like this egg.”

Upon hearing Ji Xiaosi’s words, everyone didn’t know what else to say.

[Ziyun Zhenren]: What about the others? Will you trade them?

Ji Xiaosi didn’t want to offend anyone, and the other items were just some food, which she didn’t care about, so she agreed to trade.

The mood of the people who traded for the items improved. They felt that the food provided by their group’s school flower was better, which benefited them. The school flower was kind-hearted and didn’t fuss over small things. In comparison, they felt it was better to be friends with someone of the same level.

The cultivation level of everyone in this group was high, regardless of which dimensional plane they came from, except for Ji Xiaosi.

Ji Xiaosi was busy studying the egg and didn’t notice that there was already a group leader in the group. She hurriedly bid farewell to everyone and left the group.

At this moment, Tang Guo appeared.

[School Flower]: You guys are really interested in food, huh?

Everyone expressed their love for food. Either there was a shortage of food or hardly anyone could make such delicious dishes in their own dimension.

Tang Guo smiled.

[School Flower]: Being in the same group means fate. If you ever crave something, you can find me. After all, I’m the group leader, and it’s my duty to take care of you.

The people in the group were touched and quickly said they couldn’t take advantage of Tang Guo’s kindness.

[School Flower]: Actually, I have my own purpose too. Who knows, one day I might come to your dimension, and then I’ll need you to take care of me.

The group fell silent for a moment and then became lively again. Ziyun Zhenren, a cultivator, was shocked. Could this be a powerful being who can freely travel through space?

They had heard of such individuals before but had never seen one.

On the other hand, General Billy believed that Tang Guo existed in a dimension even more advanced than their interstellar plane, with technology advanced enough to travel through space at will.

As for Margaret, she thought that Tang Guo’s spatial array technique must have reached the level of a god. She admired the school flower group leader even more in her heart.

Tang Guo was unaware of their speculations. When she made that statement, she couldn’t predict whether she would actually go to their world. However, as a precautionary measure, her interest in this dimensional group was piqued.

Then she bid farewell to everyone. She had many things to attend to and couldn’t spend all her time in the group.

Tang Guo opened her eyes, and it was already dark outside.

Thinking about the spiritual energy in this world, she began practicing a cultivation method she obtained from a certain cultivation world. Slowly, she circulated the spiritual energy to repair the damaged tissues under her skin.

As for the surface, she didn’t pay attention to it for now.

When the Tang family couple listened to Tang Guo’s words and when the Ma family offered compensation, they also proposed some additional benefits, which were agreed upon.

Their daughter said to lie low for now since they couldn’t afford to provoke anyone. They would bide their time and one day take down the Ma family completely.

And so, Tang Guo stayed in the hospital for half a month. The doctors said she was recovering well. Except for a palm-sized scar on her face that couldn’t be removed, everything else was normal, and she could be discharged.

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  1. Thank you for all translated chapters. BTW I remember the same plot in another QT novel. Called Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers.

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