Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 218

[Margaret]: I feel like my magic has grown a bit.

[Ziyun Zhenren]: My spiritual power has also increased significantly. However, I feel that the effects are not as strong as the first time I took it.

[Chixiao Zhenjun]: Why bother about that? As long as it tastes good.

The group members echoed this statement, expressing their agreement.

Seeing their enthusiasm, Tang Guo sent out more food, all specialties from different worlds. The system glanced at the piled-up system space and thought to itself that the host had finally put all these delicacies from different worlds to good use.

In just half an hour, the four people in the group were extremely satisfied.

They had never eaten so heartily before. Every time they had to exchange with Ji Xiaosi, knowing that she had a mortal body, they had to consider her physical condition and find some low-level things to give her.

What a hassle!

After finishing their meal, they suddenly realized that they couldn’t just eat without contributing.

Tang Guo had brought out so much food that not only satisfied their appetites but also provided immediate benefits. They believed that she must be someone similar to them, even stronger than them. Otherwise, how could she become the group leader as soon as she joined?

Thus, a sense of awe arose within them.

[Chixiao Zhenjun]: School Flower, if there’s anything you want, just tell me, and I’ll do my best to get it for you.

[General Billy]: Zhenjun, it’s shameful to act cute.

[Chixiao Zhenjun]: Hehe…

Others also expressed their intentions, asking if Tang Guo had any desired items, secretly searching for something valuable to offer. This treatment, compared to Ji Xiaosi, was completely different, as if they were from two different worlds.

In other words, when Ji Xiaosi, an ordinary person, joined the group, they only felt novelty and the fact that she could provide them with food.

But Tang Guo was different. From the beginning, she showed that she possessed numerous treasures, so her strength must be extraordinary. She was on the same level as them, and her way of speaking was more casual.

Moreover, as they were not from the same plane and had no conflicting interests, so they naturally grew closer.

[School Flower]: As a welcoming gift for joining the group, I have plenty of things like this. It’s not a big deal. Besides, since I became the group leader as soon as I joined, let’s consider it compensation for everyone.

Her words were quite heartwarming, as initially, they were somewhat dissatisfied with a newcomer becoming the group leader.

Now that their stomachs were satisfied and their hearts content, this new and mysterious group leader seemed pretty good.

“Ji Xiaosi has claimed your red envelope.”

“Ji Xiaosi has claimed your red envelope.”

Just at that moment, Ji Xiaosi returned. Seeing someone sending out red envelopes, she subconsciously snatched them. Tang Guo had sent out six red envelopes each time, for a total of five, and Ji Xiaosi managed to snatch all of them.

Inside the private room of the hotel, Ji Xiaosi was a little surprised by the strange things that suddenly appeared in front of her. They looked like food and there was also an egg.

The surface of this egg was smooth and emitted a faint glow, which made Ji Xiaosi’s heart skip a beat. Could this be a divine beast egg?

Suppressing her excitement, she put away the egg that was the size of her head, and thought that this thing might actually hatch into an adorable pet. Just thinking about it made her excited.

Because of this, she didn’t ask the people in the group about the nature of this egg.

As for the other items, they were easier to recognize since they were all food.

Tang Guo silently watched as Ji Xiaosi seized the red envelopes without saying a word and chuckled.

Ji Xiaosi was excited about hatching this egg, and the thought of the outcome brought a certain sense of anticipation.

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