Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 217

Important things are repeated three times. It was Chixiao Zhenjun who learned it from Ji Xiaosi. He found it easy to say, so he used it like that.

Then everyone in the group started shouting, expressing their desire for Tang Guo to give out red envelopes.

[School Flower]: What do you all like?

Everyone was surprised. The group owner seemed confident, as if she could provide whatever they asked for.

But in reality, what they wanted most was food.

Whether it was Ziyun Zhenren’s cultivation plane, the interstellar realm, or the magical plane, their cuisine had flaws. In general, the food was not tasty, and no one knew how to cook.

Especially in the interstellar realm, they all relied on nutritional supplements. Fresh food was considered a luxury.


[Ziyun Zhenren]: Food.

[General Billy]: Food.

[Chixiao Zhenjun]: Food +1.

[Margaret]: Food plus a page of magical spells.

Tang Guo searched the system space for a while and found plenty of food. Time in the system space was frozen, so the cooked dishes remained warm.

However, she didn’t need to take them out physically. She simply opened the red envelope creation page and mentally selected the items she wanted to give away.

For their first meeting, Tang Guo sent out six red envelopes, each containing a cooked egg. It was the same type of egg that Ye Zhou had roasted for her earlier. She had collected a good number of these eggs because they tasted delicious, had high nutritional value, and were beneficial to both cultivators and magic practitioners.

Tang Guo chuckled to herself, wondering if these people would be interested in the food Ji Xiaosi had bought from the restaurant.

The system sensed the hostility from the host, but remained silent. The happier the host was with him, the more benefits he would gain. After all, the system had traversed countless worlds and wasn’t foolish.

“Ziyun Zhenren has claimed your red envelope.”

“Chixiao Zhenjun has claimed your red envelope.”

“Margaret has claimed your red envelope.”

“General Billy has claimed your red envelope.”

Tang Guo noticed that no one else had claimed the red envelopes, indicating that the others were temporarily not paying attention to the group or simply didn’t care.

In different planes, the four of them held eggs the size of their heads and sniffed them. They could feel that the eggs no longer had any vitality.

As for how to consume them, they didn’t dare to act recklessly. So, they asked Tang Guo in the group.

[School Flower]: These are roasted. You can eat them directly, and they have certain benefits for both magic and cultivation. Even in General Billy’s interstellar realm, they can enhance your physical strength.

Previously, when introducing themselves, they had mentioned their respective planes of origin.

Now, they talked about red envelopes, diverting their attention from asking Tang Guo about her plane of origin.

Now that Tang Guo explained how to consume the eggs and their benefits, they couldn’t wait to break them open and eat.

There was a brief moment of silence in the group, but within a minute, the excitement resumed.

[Chixiao Zhenjun]: Ah, it’s really delicious! This True Immortal has never had such a tasty food before. It’s so delicious, Miss, can you send me another one?

There was no need to say more. Chixiao Zhenjun must have communicated and traded with the female lead, Ji Xiaosi, many times. These words were a characteristic of this era.

Tang Guo was not stingy. She joined the red envelope group with two purposes: curiosity and, of course, to disrupt Ji Xiaosi’s opportunities. She didn’t do much, just enjoyed seeing the group’s tastes being influenced.

Moreover, she was giving it to them for free, without any trade involved. Hehe…

System: Trembling in fear, indeed, a strong host.

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