Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 216

The system has been thinking about the bright future ahead, and fortunately, he cleverly followed his host early on without forcing the host to take on the role of a supporting character. The host’s impression of him is still good.

[Host, give the alias a name so that it can officially join the group.]

Tang Guo squinted his eyes, thinking about the original owner of this body, and with a curve at the corner of her mouth said , “Let’s call her School Flower.”

After the system set the nickname “School Flower” for Tang Guo, he introduced this alias to the Interdimensional Trading Group.

In fact, he didn’t know why he was so capable. He could even fully control this Interdimensional Trading Group. He double-checked and confirmed that the group had no owner.

Therefore, he decided on his own to make “School Flower” the ID of the group owner after Tang Guo’s alias joined the group.

And so…

“Welcome ‘School Flower’ to the Interdimensional Trading Group.”

“Congratulations to ‘School Flower’ for becoming the owner of the Interdimensional Trading Group.”

These two messages were like depth charges. Originally, the people inside the group were waiting for Ji Xiaosi and hadn’t left. First, a newcomer arrived, making them happy for a moment. Then this newcomer transformed into the group owner, leaving them shocked.

[Ziyun Zhenren]: A newcomer? Became the group owner?

[General Billy]: This group has never had an owner. I’ve been here for over a hundred years, how could there suddenly be a group owner?

[Margaret]: The group owner is not from my dimension. I can’t divine it.

Margaret is a holy wizard from the magical world, and in her dimension, her status is very high. She can divine the destinies of many people in that dimension.

[Chixiao Zhenjun]: Group owner, are you there?

They didn’t want to know why the group owner was called School Flower. They only wanted to know why this newcomer became the group owner and what their identity was.

This group had never had an owner before, which piqued their curiosity. The arrival of the group owner made them even more interested in this group.

[School Flower]: I’m here.

[Ziyun Zhenren]: Group owner, how did you just join the group?

Everyone was curious and wanted an explanation. They didn’t have any particular intentions; they weren’t in the same dimensional plane and couldn’t become enemies. It was even possible for them to help each other. They were simply curious.

Otherwise, how could Ji Xiaosi chat with these people? In other words, they all had their own needs, and none of them hindered each other’s interests.

[School Flower]: I don’t know either. I just inexplicably joined and was wondering why suddenly there was a new group.

Tang Guo lied without changing her expression. Such an explanation was the most believable.

Indeed, as soon as she said that, everyone in the group believed it and even mentioned that they had also inexplicably gained access to this group. None of these people were ordinary.

This group appeared directly in their consciousness, which initially startled them.

And General Billy from the interstellar expressed that the group suddenly appeared on his optical brain.

This made Tang Guo understand that in different dimensional worlds, this group would appear in a way that suited that particular dimension. But undeniable, this group brought them many benefits.

By distributing red packets, they could exchange things from various dimensions. Perhaps these things were not valuable, but they were useful in that particular dimension. No wonder this group was called the Interdimensional Trading Group.

[Chixiao Zhenjun]: Group owner, red packets, red packets, red packets. Important things need to be said three times.

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