Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 215

The system said it could invade Ji Xiaosi’s phone, making Tang Guo forgotten about the pain on her face.

She eagerly closed her eyes, and her consciousness had already connected with the system. In front of her appeared a screen displaying Ji Xiaosi’s phone screen.

Coincidentally, Ji Xiaosi was squatting in the Interdimensional Trading Group, waiting for red envelopes. This was what Ji Xiaosi did every day after school.

【Ziyun Zhenren】: I successfully refined a batch of beauty pills yesterday, Ji Xiaosi, do you have any delicious food? Let’s trade.

Ji Xiaosi had been waiting for this opportunity and quickly sent a message: “Yes, I have. What does Ziyun Zhenren want to eat?”

Ziyun Zhenren pondered for a moment and ordered two dishes: braised shrimp and lotus leaf chicken. These were not the kind of food Ji Xiaosi would normally eat.

In the past, she would have felt a pang of heartache for a moment. But ever since she gained benefits here, she no longer felt heartache at all. She even went to high-end restaurants specifically to order delicacies.

For her, those were considered high-end restaurants, but in reality, they were nothing special. However, the people in the group seemed to have never tasted delicious food in their lives and particularly liked the food she shared. Perhaps rarity made things more valuable.

Furthermore, Ji Xiaosi gained even more benefits. A batch of beauty pills was invaluable in this modern world, and she could buy many dishes like braised shrimp with it.

But those people in the group didn’t know that. They thought such delicious food should be worth that price. As for the beauty pills, they considered them mere trinkets.

So their transactions were smooth and peaceful. After Ziyun Zhenren, more people appeared, offering things that Ji Xiaosi desired in exchange. Ji Xiaosi readily agreed.

After noting down what these people wanted, she went out to order the food.

At this time, the system had already hacked into the Interdimensional Trading Group, which gave Tang Guo a certain understanding of the system’s abilities.

“Great, System. You can even hack into this kind of group.”

“Of course, I’ve always said that I would grow. I’ll always be there to help you, Host,” the system said proudly and happily. After countless worlds, the Host finally praised him sincerely. It wasn’t easy, not easy at all. Just thinking about it brought tears of bitterness.

Moreover, through this upgrade, he discovered a secret to level up.

Every time the Host experienced a world, his energy would increase. At the beginning of his mission as a supporting character, his energy grew very slowly, so he didn’t naturally grow. He was just a plot prompter.

But when the Host overturned the role of the supporting character and started causing trouble in various worlds, he found that after each mission ended, his energy increased rapidly.

In the previous few worlds, his energy skyrocketed, allowing him to upgrade and enhance his abilities.

He analyzed the previous worlds and came to a conclusion: the Host’s happiness and anger affected his energy growth.

In other words, the happier and more content the Host was in a world, as long as he didn’t ruin the world, he could obtain a lot of energy. If he wasn’t happy, his energy would only increase a little.

If the system had eyes, they would be shining brightly. If it had a mouth, it would be drooling.

“Host, I’ve created an alias for you to join this Interdimensional Trading Group.”

The Host became happy and content. His energy would increase faster, and he would become more useful. He could now help the Host, and they would be able to live comfortable in the upcoming worlds.

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