Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 214

“Xiao Guo, does it hurt?” Mother Tang wiped her tears and gently held Tang Guo’s hand. “Your father has already contacted a foreign hospital for you. Xiao Guo, don’t worry about anything. Mom and Dad will take care of everything.”

“Mom won’t let you suffer in vain. The other party will definitely be punished.”

Tang Guo felt a warmth in her heart. Whether it was genuine love or heartwarming family affection, they were the things she coveted in this world of romance novels.

However, she was a rational kind of greedy and she wouldn’t indulge in them.

“Mom, do we have any evidence? We have no chance against the Ma family. Why bother hitting a rock with an egg at this time?”

As the only daughter of the Tang family, Tang Guo had been groomed as the heir since childhood. She was intelligent and rational, and it was because of her upbringing that the Tang family was able to quickly stand up and support itself after her disfigurement.

The originally saddened couple were both taken aback, looking at their daughter’s shining eyes, as if she wasn’t too upset about her disfigurement.

But they didn’t believe it. Their daughter had always been sensible; she must be afraid of worrying them and was suppressing the pain and grievances in her heart. The more they thought about it, the more heartbroken they felt.

“Xiao Guo, no matter what, Dad will send that person to prison.” Father Tang had a serious look on his face, as if he felt it was a matter of life and death.

Tang Guo understood why the original owner could endure all those years, never considering suicide no matter how severe the depression was.

She had loving parents. Even if everyone despised her, her parents would always love her. The presence of the Tang couple was the only warmth and motivation in her heart.

“Mom, Dad, what I mean is, let’s lay low for now. There’s no need to throw eggs at a rock.” Tang Guo had her own plan for revenge, and she could handle it herself. There was no need for her parents to risk the Tang family. “With the current situation of the Tang family, we have no chance against the Ma family. If we fail, have you thought about what will happen to us, Mom, Dad?”

Upon hearing this, the Tang couple realized this key point. Indeed, they couldn’t compete with the Ma family, and now it would be a futile struggle that would bring more harm than good. Not only would they be unable to deal with them, but they might also drag the Tang family down.

By that time, they would have nothing left. How could they help their daughter seek justice? Their daughter had already been disfigured. What would they do without financial support?

In an instant, the couple understood the significance. The couple, who had lost interest in the business world, now had a strong fighting spirit in their eyes.

Once they fought for their own hopes, but now they fought for their daughter.

Looking at the couple’s appearance, Tang Guo felt healed once again. Why did she say she was healed? It was because in the previous world, she had encountered a pair of terrible parents and inherited the original owner’s emotions. Although she was rational, she also felt deeply saddened.

Father Tang still intended to send Tang Guo abroad for treatment, but Tang Guo refused once again. How could she cause trouble if she went abroad?

And she was particularly interested in that red envelope group with Ji Xiaosi. After the Tang couple reluctantly left, she tapped the system.

“System, can you invade Ji Xiaosi’s phone?”

“I’ll try.” The system was also very interested. Invading the regular world’s network wasn’t a big deal to its host.

If it could infiltrate this red envelope group, it believed the host would definitely look at it with higher regard and never call it defective again.

“Host, it’s possible!!”

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