Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 213

[Host, have you thought about the original owner’s wishes? Why don’t we help her fulfill her wish?] Anyway, the host has long given up on being the supporting character, and there’s no halo around the main couple in front of the host.

Tang Guo paused for a moment and carefully sensed the desires in the original owner’s heart.

She leaned against her forehead and sighed, “Why would there be someone like her who doesn’t intend to seek revenge despite being hurt? She has a simple wish: to protect the Tang family and live a happy life.”

The narrative completely ignored people like Ma Mao and Ji Xiaosi, and Tang Guo couldn’t comprehend such saintly thoughts.

“Alright, I’ll protect the Tang family and maybe torment those scumbags a little. With me around, there’s no way Ma Mao and his kind will live well.”

The system trembled and asked, [Host, how do you plan to take revenge?] As long as it doesn’t involve world destruction, it’s fine.

Tang Guo smiled, causing pain to the bandaged face.

[Host, why not restore your appearance first?] The system knew that the host claimed not to care about looks, but that was based on the assumption that she could restore her appearance at any time.

If the world were truly hideous, the host would definitely do something about it.

“No rush, I want to experience a different kind of life. For example, going back to school with an ugly face and seeing how people react.” Tang Guo’s lips curled up. “How can I make them sympathize with me if I return unscathed?”

The system stuttered, “Alright, I won’t report it to the agency.”

[Host, I have good news for you. I can now infiltrate the world’s network.] After the system tried it out, he was ecstatic to discover this new capability.

All this time, the host had despised him, saying he didn’t provide beginner’s packages, reward gifts, or even experienced player packages. She even criticized him for relying on her to handle network infiltration.

After the previous world, the system felt its abilities had improved, and he had always been curious about what he could do.

Now that he knew he had some use, could he not be happy?

Tang Guo raised an eyebrow. “Look at how happy you are. I thought you were going to implant viruses into the world’s network.”

The system broke down. The host was still as bad as ever.

“Since that’s the case, save all the surveillance footage from the street where the incident happened a few days ago. Preserve everything from the beginning wherever there is surveillance.”

Finally, Tang Guo smiled. “The surveillance should have been deleted, but I don’t think that can stop you, can it, System?”

The system, of course, wouldn’t admit he couldn’t do it. When he attempted the task, he realized he was actually capable. He effortlessly restored the deleted surveillance footage and saved multiple copies.

[Host, I have completed the task as you instructed.] The feeling of being able to help the host was truly joyful.

Oh my God, when did he become someone on the host’s side?

No, he had always been with the host. The host had even said that as long as she was there, she would never abandon him.

He was moved. Now that he had the ability, he would never betray the host.

In the evening, the Tang couple arrived at the hospital, both of them wearing grim expressions.

Without surveillance as evidence and unwilling witnesses, seeking justice was simply impossible.

The Ma family had a strong background, and there was nothing they could do. As they looked at their daughter lying in the hospital bed, both of them felt heartbroken.

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