Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 212

The original owner felt uneasy. When the other party threw things at her, she used her school bag to block it, but some sulfuric acid still splashed onto the right side of her face and arm.

Because of Ji Xiaosi, the original owner was disfigured like this.

This incident happened a few days ago, and Ji Xiaosi showed no intention of apologizing. Perhaps she simply ignored the person she bumped into.

The students at No. 1 High School only knew that Tang Guo, the school belle, had an accident and was hospitalized. The specific details were still unclear.

Others didn’t know the aftermath, but Tang Guo knew after reading the follow-up.

After being disfigured, the Tang family demanded an explanation from the Ma family. The Ma family had a stronger background than the Tang family, and in order to seek justice for their daughter, the Tang couple ended up bankrupted by the Ma family.

The disfigured original owner became a joke at No. 1 High School, and the person leading the mockery was Ma Mao. Ma Mao regretted it after splashing the sulfuric acid because he genuinely liked Ji Xiaosi.

When he finally found out that Ji Xiaosi was not the one who got splashed but the original owner, he felt a bit relieved.

The original owner was a proud person. Despite being disfigured, despised, and ridiculed, her academic performance was even better than before. Originally ranked third in the whole grade, she remained the first after the disfigurement.

In order not to distress the Tang family, who were already in poor health, she worked hard and excelled in everything she did. However, this world always preferred good-looking people.

The right side of her face, because of the sulfuric acid, was terribly scarred, making everything she did difficult.

Despite being capable and talented, she was still rejected by people.

As long as the Tang couple was still there, she had the motivation to keep going. But once they were gone, she plunged into darkness and lost motivation for her efforts. In the end, she became depression and died in her fifties.

She didn’t choose to commit suicide but instead used her talents to help children who experienced similar situations.

But she could help others but not herself. She could never escape from her past traumas. She couldn’t understand why she had helped Ji Xiaosi, who clearly knew the danger ahead but didn’t warn her.

After the incident, Ji Xiaosi acted like she knew nothing. No one knew that the original owner’s disfigurement was caused by Ji Xiaosi accidentally bumping into her and their similar appearances.

With Ji Xiaosi’s connections, she could have helped the original owner restore her appearance. If Ji Xiaosi had the generosity to do so, despite the original owner’s pride and inner dissatisfaction, she would have forgiven her.

But instead, Ji Xiaosi chose to remain ignorant and allowed the school’s students to mock the original owner, as if she wanted the original owner to experience the taste of being ridiculed.

In the end, Ji Xiaosi successfully pursued her crush, Fu Zhuoshu, and they got married, leading a happy life. Ji Xiaosi even entered cultivation with Fu Zhuoshu, and the subsequent plot is unknown.

As for Ma Mao, he lived a decent life and ended as a sentimental supporting character in this world. Apart from not having Ji Xiaosi, he had everything.

The original owner was just an innocent passerby. She didn’t do anything, yet she ended up with such a fate. It truly made people sigh.

“I thought it was the modern era, and after being healed for so long, I could peacefully live in this world.”

Upon hearing these melancholic words from the host, the system inexplicably trembled. The host seemed unhappy.

“It seems like in this world, besides my parents, no one treats me right. Should I seek revenge?”

The system was frightened, worried that there would be another mutually destructive situation, and the world would collapse. Oh my, host, please don’t do that. This world is still quite interesting.

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