Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 211

After picking up this phone, Ji Xiaosi couldn’t help but claim it as her own and took it home.

When she logged into WeChat, she found that there was a strange group in her WeChat account—Interdimensional Trading Group.

Ji Xiaosi looked at her group name card, which was just Ji Xiaosi.

But the group members inside were not ordinary; their names seemed quite juvenile to her.

There were names like General Billy, Ziyun Zhenren, Demon Sect Master, Misty Fairy, Emmanuel etc. She felt like she had been accidentally pulled into a group of middle school students.

Just as she was about to leave, someone in the group sent a red envelope. She subconsciously tapped it, and with that tap, she opened up a whole new life.

She looked at what appeared in her hand—a cosmetic device. Yes, this red envelope was sent by that person named Emmanuel.

Ji Xiaosi, who had obtained the cosmetic device, secretly observed the group. She heard Emmanuel, the plastic surgeon, say that this cosmetic device was his new invention. It could slowly adjust one’s appearance to the desired look.

Ji Xiaosi still didn’t believe it, but she found the appearance of the cosmetic device that had suddenly appeared in her hand to be quite miraculous. She chose to be half-believing and half-doubting, and temporarily didn’t leave the group.

Ji Xiaosi’s life took a turn for the better. Relying on her quick reflexes, she managed to grab many good things from various dimensions, gradually changing her life.

The group members were curious about the sudden appearance of Ji Xiaosi, and although they didn’t say it out loud, they were somewhat dissatisfied with this newcomer who only snatched red envelopes without sending any.

Ji Xiaosi consumed those spirit pills and seemed to become much smarter. Sensing the members’ dissatisfaction with her, she thought that no matter if it was a person or a ghost, they couldn’t escape the need to leave a good impression.

She spent all the money she had recently saved and quickly bought various delicious foods to share with the group.

As the saying goes, “A short-handed person should eat soft-mouthed food.”
T/N: Not completely sure the translation of this (俗话说,拿人手短,吃人嘴软) but overall, the proverb advises individuals who find themselves in a weaker position to be tactful. By choosing a softer approach, they increase their chances of finding success or gaining support….I think.

And the group members seemed to be a group of people who hadn’t eaten good food before. They became increasingly fond of Ji Xiaosi, and gradually, their interactions with her improved. They helped Ji Xiaosi change her destiny, and she even acquired a cultivation technique.

Now, it has been two months since Ji Xiaosi joined the red envelope group, and she has gradually changed her appearance.

The original owner’s misfortune occurred here. Perhaps it was Ji Xiaosi’s subconscious envy and jealousy of the original owner, as her transformed appearance bore some resemblance to the original owner.

Originally, Ji Xiaosi could have made adjustments during the finalization process, but inexplicably, she retained this appearance.

Ji Xiaosi thus became the second Tang Guo because she looked so much like her. She couldn’t be unknown. After the transformation, Ji Xiaosi became approachable, unlike Tang Guo, who grew up in an affluent family.

Naturally, everyone preferred someone like Ji Xiaosi and found the original owner rather arrogant.

Since Ji Xiaosi’s transformation, she has attracted numerous suitors, and one of the most obsessed suitors is from No. 2 High School. His name is Ma Mao, a troublemaker and a well-connected rich second-generation.

Ji Xiaosi didn’t want to be with Ma Mao, which made him furious, and he planned to ruin Ji Xiaosi.

One day after school, Ma Mao approached Ji Xiaosi with a bottle of sulfuric acid. Ji Xiaosi instinctively felt something was wrong and ran away.

Ma Mao chased after her furiously, but Ji Xiaosi didn’t stop. In the middle of her escape, she accidentally bumped into someone.

That person was the original owner, who was dazed after the collision. Just as she was about to stand up, she heard Ma Mao rushing over with a sinister smile on his face, saying, “Bitch, run! Why aren’t you running now?”

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  1. Reflecting insecurities, she lost herself when all she do is copying other. What a waste of golden finger

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