Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 210

[Host, Ye Zhou couldn’t find you, so he returned to nothingness as a lone cultivator.]

Tang Guo, who emerged from Tianquan, heard this news and was slightly taken aback. The emotions that had already been cleansed by Tianquan suddenly surged up again, but she quickly suppressed them.

The system knew how heartless and unfeeling the host became after coming out of Tianquan. No matter how deep the emotions were, as long as she entered Tianquan for a while, they would dissipate in her heart after a few days.

[Host, I have good news to tell you. It seems that my abilities have become much stronger.]

Tang Guo became interested and asked, “What can you do now?”

“For example, veteran package, system store, anything like that?”

System: Damn it, host.

[No.] The system responded gloomily.

“Let’s go to the next world then.”

System: You dog.

Tang Guo was awakened by pain. She opened her eyes and surveyed the surroundings, quickly realizing that this time she had arrived in a modern world.

Perhaps because of her previous identity as a cultivator in the previous world, she instinctively sensed the presence of some kind of energy in the air.

“There’s actually spiritual energy.”

Tang Guo couldn’t help but smile. Compared to a world without spiritual energy suppressed by rules, she preferred a world with this special power. Although it was a bit more dangerous, it was still a good thing for her.

However, she suddenly felt a sharp pain on the right side of her face as she smiled. The pain felt as if it had been burned, making it unbearable to open her eyes.

At this moment, she also noticed that she was in a hospital, and almost instantly understood that something had happened to the face of this body.

She wasn’t worried at all though. If this world didn’t have magical spiritual energy, she might have been troubled for a while. But with the presence of spiritual energy, even if her face was completely destroyed, she had a way to repair it.

Therefore, she temporarily disregarded the condition of her face and closed her eyes, allowing the system to send her the plot.

After reading the plot, she clicked her tongue. “The original owner was innocently affected.”

The system also sighed, [Yeah, if we talk about any conflicts between the body the host was wearing before and the female lead, this body’s original owner has absolutely no conflict with the female lead. However, she ended up disfigured because of the female lead. It’s truly an innocent disaster.]

The female lead in this world was called Ji Xiaosi, and she was also a student in Class 3 of Grade 1 at C City No. 1 High School, just like the original owner.

The original owner was a Bai Fumei. Not only did she have good grades and a wealthy background, but she was also good-looking, recognized by the whole school as the school beauty.

Since the original owner was the school beauty, Ji Xiaosi was a joke.

Ji Xiaosi was not tall, barely reaching 1.6 meters in height, but her body was plump. To put it nicely, she was well-rounded, but in reality, she looked like a ball from a distance.

Not only that, Ji Xiaosi’s facial features were not good either. She had acne on her face, and she had oily skin. Her grades were also below average in the class.

In short, Ji Xiaosi didn’t have a single shining point, and she was extremely insecure and sensitive. If someone touched her sore spot even a little, she would start a conflict with them.

If there was any interaction between Ji Xiaosi and the original owner, it was when Ji Xiaosi’s diary, in which she secretly admitted to admiring Fu Zhuoshu, the school grass, was exposed, and a few girls in the school bullied her in the restroom.

Coincidentally, the original owner happened to be in the restroom and helped rescue her. The original owner simply couldn’t stand the behavior of those people and saved Ji Xiaosi before leaving.

However, in Ji Xiaosi’s eyes, the original owner looked down on her. Not only was she ungrateful, but she also harbored some resentment.

Ji Xiaosi picked up her broken phone and went home feeling depressed. On the way, she happened to find a brand new phone, not a famous brand, but a miscellaneous brand. Just a moment ago, Ji Xiaosi was still worried about how to explain it to her family.

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