Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 209

Ye Zhou never gave up and ventured into various dangerous places. He was like a person who never grew tired, constantly searching and never staying still.

Over time, everyone in this realm came to know about Ye Zhou.

This person was not greedy for power, nor did he pursue cultivation for its own sake. He only cultivated to become stronger in order to find someone.

According to him, the person he was searching for was his wife. They had come here together, but he had lost her.

Having seen the sorrow in the eyes of this powerful man, admitting that he had lost his wife, people couldn’t help but feel a sense of emptiness in their hearts. They also speculated that his wife might have encountered danger and perished long ago.

But he never gave up.

Later, someone told him that there was a secret realm in this realm, inside which there was a magical mirror that could show a person the scene they desired to see.

However, this secret realm was extremely dangerous, and one needed to possess sufficient strength to successfully enter and find the mirror.

And so, they no longer saw the man who was crazily searching for his wife. Some said he had given up, while others said he had fallen into despair and seclusion.

Another thousand years passed, and when Ye Zhou appeared again, everyone was astounded to find that the man they once knew was now unfathomable.

He only said one thing to everyone: he was going to find that mirror, and this time he would definitely find his wife’s whereabouts.

People exclaimed, “He has gone mad, he’s gone crazy.”

Night after night, Ye Zhou entered the secret realm, enduring countless hardships, until he finally found the legendary mirror.

Holding the ancient mirror, he looked devout, his eyes filled with anticipation. Such a powerful man, yet his eyes turned red as he stuttered, “I want to see my cousin, where did she go after we parted ways? Where is she now?”

“I cannot see where she is now, but I can show you her final scene in this world.”

Ye Zhou’s heart sank, but he also felt some joy. Did this mean that his cousin was still alive?


The mirror’s scene returned to the moment when Tang Guo separated from him. The stunning woman was smiling, and her voice came through the mirror.

“Cousin, I don’t know if you can hear me or not, but I might not appear in the same world as you. I am a passer-by in every world, never able to stay.”

“I no longer bear a grudge. Although you won me over with five hundred years of sincerity, unfortunately, I cannot stay with you. Take care.”

The mirror’s scene turned dark, and Tang Guo’s figure vanished from sight. Ye Zhou cried uncontrollably, holding the mirror and shaking it, wanting to see his cousin again.

“You little liar, you’re just a little liar.”

“Cousin, you little liar.”

Finally, Ye Zhou wiped his tears, placed the mirror back in its original position, and summoned the mythical beast he had contracted that day—a phoenix.


The phoenix felt that the contract with Ye Zhou had been released and was somewhat puzzled. In truth, since following Ye Zhou, she had never suffered any grievances. Ye Zhou was too powerful, hardly needing her help. She herself felt like a useless phoenix waiting for death.

“From now on, you can go on your own.”

Without waiting for the phoenix to say anything, he waved his hand, and the phoenix was thrown out of the secret realm.

“You little liar, no matter which world you go to, I will find you. You promised to marry me.”

After saying that, Ye Zhou decisively abandoned his cultivation and dissolved into nothingness. Smiling, he stood in place, feeling his power gradually dissipate. In the final moment before his consciousness vanished, his originally intense emotions unexpectedly faded.

Immediately after, his affectionate gaze also dimmed significantly. Lowering his eyes, he touched the position over his heart. “Is this what you call love?”

“You can be quite heartless when you want to be.” He smiled and dissipated into the heavens and earth. “We should meet again in the next world. I’m looking forward to your arrival.”

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