Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 207

Time flies by, and Ye Zhou has accompanied Tang Guo throughout the entire continent, even venturing into dangerous realms together.

No matter what dangers they encountered, they were always able to overcome them together.

“Cousin, it’s been five hundred years.”

Tang Guo’s appearance remained the same as before. She had already reached the perfect state of Yuan Di, just one step away from shattering the void. As she looked at the man before her, he still wore a red robe, his appearance as handsome as ever, a sight that never grew tiresome.

His smile always managed to touch the depths of her heart, bringing warmth and soothing the countless marks left behind from their journey through countless worlds.

He said he would accompany her, and he truly did.

She couldn’t help but be moved. In these five hundred years, she had given him her sincere heart as well.

He should have sensed it, right?

Her original lifespan was five hundred and fifty years, and she was now over five hundred and thirty years old, with just over a decade left before she had to leave this world.

This was the rule of her journey through various worlds. She could leave early, but she could only delay her departure by a maximum of ten years.

“Cousin, can you tell me why your cultivation hasn’t advanced in hundreds of years?” Tang Guo looked at Ye Zhou. With Ye Zhou’s talent, he should have already reached the perfect state of Yuan Di long ago.

However, he remained only in the late stage of Yuan Di, the same as he was five hundred years ago, with no progress since then.

Ye Zhou gave a bitter smile. “I had attachments in my heart, which caused my cultivation to stagnate.”

“But I no longer care about that. Being able to stay by my cousin’s side is enough for me.”

It was the first time Tang Guo heard Ye Zhou mention his attachments. She was curious. “What attachments?”

“I always felt guilty towards you, always wanting to be with you. I was afraid that advancing too quickly in cultivation would shatter the void and take me away. But the result…” Ye Zhou shrugged, “My cultivation unexpectedly stopped progressing.”

He was helpless, but his expression showed that he didn’t mind.

“Haven’t you thought of any solutions? Cousin, I probably don’t have many years left before shattering the void.”

The late stage of Yuan Di realm could live up to a thousand years. If Ye Zhou didn’t break through, he would only have less than five hundred years left. Although she held grudges, she didn’t want Ye Zhou to remain stagnant.

“Cousin, I don’t ask for any of that anymore.”

As long as she was fine, he was fine. He didn’t know when, but all his original intentions had changed. He just wanted to wholeheartedly protect her.

“You’re willing to let me go, cousin?”

“I have considered this,” Ye Zhou sighed helplessly, “but my cultivation still doesn’t advance.”

He had considered the possibility of Tang Guo shattering the void and leaving him behind, but his cultivation still didn’t progress.

Tang Guo frowned. This wasn’t what she hoped for. Ye Zhou was supposed to shatter the void, and she didn’t want to change that result. Moreover, he was still Ye Zhou, and she wouldn’t stay here for much longer.

Suddenly, her eyes brightened. “Cousin, come here. I’ll tell you a decision.”

“What decision?”

“As long as you shatter the void together with me, and we reach a new world together, I will marry you. How about that?”

If Ye Zhou still couldn’t find a way to advance his cultivation, she would have to think of other solutions.

As soon as she finished speaking, she felt some movement from Ye Zhou. Then she noticed the surrounding spiritual energy rushing into Ye Zhou’s body frantically. Ye Zhou looked at her with a radiant smile.

Tang Guo realized she had been tricked.

“Cousin, don’t go.”

Ye Zhou pleaded, his face full of hope. “I never expected you to make this decision. I made a vow to the heavens long ago that if you didn’t agree to marry me, I would never be able to shatter the void. That was a long time ago.”

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