Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 206

T/N: We’re coming to the end of this world. I’m going to release some extra chapters today to start off the new world. Also, Diablo 4 drops today for us plebs who didn’t pay for early access. With that and work, I’m not sure when I’ll be coming up for air.

Tang Huan was originally beautiful, and she often took good care of her body. More and more people were attracted to her and wanted to help, but the mysterious woman was extremely cruel, beating up anyone who tried to help Tang Huan.

The mysterious woman publicly humiliated Tang Huan, saying, “When you did that thing, did you ever think about today, Tang Huan? You brought this upon yourself, you vixen.”

“It’s not enough to have the Seventh Prince. You go around seducing others. You’re the real slut.”

“I can’t believe I fell for your evil tricks. You distanced me from my own cousin and took every opportunity to bully her. Speaking of which, my cousin has never done anything to me, at most she just has an arrogant personality.”

“In these years, I’ve come to understand that you were just jealous of her talent and noble birth. That’s why you always spoke ill of her, trying to sow discord and show us her arrogance and tyranny. Haha, it’s ridiculous that we believed you.”

Yes, this woman was the one who paralyzed Zheng Song back then, Bo Ling’er. She humiliated Tang Huan and slipped away before anyone could react.

Just like last time, no one could find her whereabouts. Last time, someone helped cover her tracks, but now she has cultivated well and matured in ten years, both in mentality and experience.

She could handle all of this herself. After seeking revenge, she didn’t return to the Bo family, nor did she intend to. The Bo family had no place for her.

Ten years had passed, yet even though Tang Huan was already the consort of the Seventh Prince, Bo Xifeng still clung to her like an obsession.

If she returned to the Bo family, Bo Xifeng would probably tear her apart for what she had done.

It was said that later, Ye Yan personally came to take Tang Huan away. The alchemy store was closed on that day, and no one saw Tang Huan after that.

Now, whether it was in the residence of the Seventh Prince or the Bo family, they were hunting down Bo Ling’er. What she did ten years ago was enough to enrage them.

Tang Guo smiled as she listened to all this. In fact, she hadn’t done much. She just gave it a little push. Those who courted death would always find a way to die.

[Host, are you sure it’s not your appearance that suppressed the protagonists’ halo?]

[Look, after you appeared, Tang Huan’s luck turned bad repeatedly. The good impression Ye Yan built with the Emperor Ye was destroyed by you, and now he’s struggling hard. Anyway, the next Emperor Ye can’t possibly be Ye Yan.]

Tang Guo smiled noncommittally, “So what? I’m happy.”

She was happy to see these people end up like this, and they brought it upon themselves. It didn’t take any effort at all. She was overjoyed.

[Look at you, enjoying your little achievements. If your cousin sees you like this…]

“My cousin likes me most when I’m naughty. He would be even happier.”

The system felt suffocated. The host was becoming more and more arrogant, twisted, and, well, it didn’t want to describe it. With the host’s presence, the male and female leads could only take a detour.

Tang Guo left some money for the tea and headed towards the palace. It was time to see her cousin.

After she left, a plain-looking woman appeared in the same spot. She gazed in the direction Tang Guo had gone, recalling the joyful expression she had seen when she heard of Tang Huan’s news.

The woman couldn’t help but laugh. Tang Guo was still Tang Guo, everything written on her face. Her arrogant and domineering demeanor as a member of a prestigious family was truly performed to the fullest, not giving any face to others.

No wonder she always wanted to target her before.

Remembering the past, she sighed softly and turned away. She was ashamed to face her old friend.

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