Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 205

In the beginning, he did those things with a purpose. He saw Tang Guo’s boundless potential and also despised Tang Haohui’s behavior. He had pitied Tang Guo.

The fact that the once budding girl had grown to this extent was truly awe-inspiring.

The more outstanding Tang Guo became, the more he looked down upon Tang Haohui.

“There is one thing that I need to explain to Elder Tang. The position of Tang Haohui as patriarch has been revoked after the deliberation of the elders.”

Tang Guo smiled, “Elder, it’s up to you. I don’t mind these matters.”

The family patriarch also knew that Tang Guo had no fondness for Tang Haohui. Perhaps she was pleased with this decision.

“I came back this time mainly to see the family patriarch and the elders. Thank you all for taking care of me in the past.”

She was always grateful and repaid kindness. She took out a storage ring and handed it to the family patriarch. “Inside this ring are items I left for the Tang Clan. The family patriarch is fair and knows who should receive them. Please keep them safe.”

“There is also a record of my alchemy experiences inside. The family patriarch can teach it to talented individuals.”

“By the way, I have only one request: these things should not fall into Tang Haohui’s hands. No one, including Bo Yunzi, is allowed.”

The family patriarch’s spirit was lifted. The whole Tang Haohui family truly hurt Elder Tang’s heart.

“Thank you, Elder Tang.”

Initially, the family patriarch thought it was just some spiritual pills and Tang Guo’s alchemy experiences. He attached some importance but not too much, considering Tang Guo had been away for only ten years.

After Tang Guo bid farewell and mentioned that she might leave Pingcheng soon and might not come back, the family patriarch finally opened the storage ring. Upon seeing its contents, the family patriarch was completely stunned.


The family patriarch quickly stored the storage ring carefully, tears welling up in his eyes. Tang Guo’s name should be recorded on the Tang Clan’s merit scroll.

With just this one item, it was enough to support the development of the Tang Clan for several hundred years.

Later, Tang Guo sat in a teahouse and overheard the people of Pingcheng discussing Tang Huan’s affairs.

She hadn’t paid attention to this matter for a long time. From the mouths of these people, she learned that after their separation, Tang Huan’s cultivation speed had slowed down.

Tang Haohui thought she had reached a bottleneck, but several years had passed, and Tang Huan’s realm remained unchanged.

Not only that, her cultivation did not progress, and as she grew older, Tang Huan became more and more irritable. She couldn’t calm down to refine medicine, even with the assistance of the alchemy space. More often than not, her alchemy attempts ended in failure. Gradually, people stopped discussing Tang Huan’s talent and instead talked about the fall of the former genius.

Coincidentally, just a few days ago, she was in her own shop—yes, a pill shop—

She claims to have a master behind her who can provide various high-level pills, which are actually refined in the alchemy space.

She is also now currently the princess consort of the Seventh Prince. Ye Yan, on the one hand, loves her, and on the other hand, relies on her pills for cultivation. They got married ten years ago.

A few days ago, Tang Huan encountered a mysterious woman who launched an attack on her without any explanation.

The attacker was extremely fierce, far stronger than Tang Huan, who hadn’t made much progress in recent years.

Tang Huan never expected someone would harm her. She was caught off guard and had her tendons severed by the opponent. In the end, she was stripped naked and thrown onto the street.

Not a single piece of clothing remained, and her naked body was thrown onto the street, satisfying the onlookers’ eyes.

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