Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 204

Since that day, Ye Zhou had a different attitude towards Tang Guo.

He never mentioned the matter of marriage again and just silently stayed by her side, accompanying her to seize all the opportunities left by her original owner.

One day, Tang Guo took out a divine beast egg, yes, it was that divine beast egg.

How could she really eat the divine beast egg? It was an opportunity from the original owner. In the memories of the original owner, it was her companion. How could she eat the original owner’s companion?

The one she ate was just an egg of a edible monster, which she had collected in a certain world’s system space.

“Cousin, you contract with this divine beast egg.”

She wasn’t planning to contract with it. Even if she could shatter the void, she couldn’t stay in this world forever.

In this world, Ye Zhou had already been by her side for ten years. During those ten years, she had basically found all the opportunities left by the original owner, and her own strength had reached the realm of Yuan Wang.

To cultivate from Yuan Jiang to Yuan Wang in ten years, perhaps no one except Ye Zhou had such talent.

She had asked about Ye Zhou’s realm. When she met him, he was a consummate Yuan Wang, but now he was at the mid-stage of Yuan Di, already the most powerful individual in this world. And Ye Zhou was only in his thirties, reaching a realm that many people couldn’t achieve even in hundreds of years.

The divine beast egg needed to be contracted to awaken its vitality. She had just remembered this recently, which was why she took it out.

She couldn’t trust anyone else to hand it over to, so giving it to Ye Zhou was the best choice. Besides, she only wanted to give him all good things.

In this world, Ye Zhou had taken care of her in every possible way, and she was somewhat attached to this feeling. Naturally, she wanted to give him the best in return.

“Cousin, I don’t need it.”

Ye Zhou thought to himself that this was originally Cousin’s opportunity, so what was the meaning of him taking it? All the good things in the world rightfully belonged to his Cousin.

“I want Cousin to contract with it. Cousin, do you want to or not?”

Faced with Tang Guo’s request, Ye Zhou couldn’t bring himself to refuse, so he reluctantly contracted with the divine beast egg. As expected, the egg showed signs of vitality immediately after the contract.

After being contracted by Ye Zhou, it naturally felt close to him, but it seemed a bit confused and circled around Tang Guo.

Ye Zhou chuckled, “You see, Cousin, it’s also confused. It thought you were its Master.”

“Just follow Cousin obediently, he will treat you well.”

Only then did the divine beast egg return to Ye Zhou’s side. Ye Zhou put the egg away. Since they had contracted, he would definitely take good care of it.

“Cousin, let’s return to Pingcheng for a visit. We’ve been away for ten years, and I want to go back and see. After this, we might not have another chance to go back.”

Ye Zhou also thought the same. They had been away for a long time this time, and he also missed his elder brother in the imperial palace. Although they communicated frequently, it wasn’t the same as meeting in person.

The two of them were now among the top powerhouses on the continent, so they quickly and quietly returned to Pingcheng.

After returning to Pingcheng, they separated. Ye Zhou went to the imperial palace, while Tang Guo went back to the Tang family.

She had several purposes in returning to the Tang family. She wanted to see how the current Tang family was doing, referring to Tang Haohui and Tang Huan. In addition, she wanted to see the Tang Clan. She still had a good impression of the clan.

She directly went to find the patriarch of the Tang Clan. The patriarch knew she had returned and eagerly came out to welcome her.

The moment he saw Tang Guo, he was suddenly shaken. Even as a consummate Yuan Jun, he couldn’t see through Tang Guo.

“Elder Tang.” The patriarch quickly cupped his hands and a smile appeared on his face. “Congratulations, Elder Tang.”

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