Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 203

The cave fell into a brief silence. Ye Zhou was somewhat annoyed, “If my cousin is unsatisfied, I’ll go and kill her.”

He wasn’t joking when he said those words; they were filled with murderous intent.

Just because Tang Huan said that he would never be able to obtain it, it made him furious. Although she was talking about Tang Guo, when he thought about his current situation, wasn’t he just watching his cousin and forever unable to have her?

If he hadn’t realized his own feelings and his cousin hadn’t insisted on canceling their engagement, would she end up like Tang Huan said, chasing after him day after day for ten years, while he ran too fast and could never see her behind him? Instead, he would consider her a nuisance, never able to see her goodness.

Thinking about this situation, Ye Zhou felt a wave of fear.

If that were really the case, wouldn’t his cousin be hurt beyond repair? Thinking back to those ten-plus years before, wasn’t he like this?

No wonder, no wonder his cousin loved him but didn’t want to marry him. She had been chasing after him for over ten years, and it was exhausting.

Suddenly, he understood the meaning behind her words, that she was tired. She was truly tired. Although he had been chasing after his cousin for just a few months, she could still see his goodness, cherish it, and always treat him well.

Aside from not agreeing to marry him, his cousin had always been good to him. He felt a painful longing, trapped in a sweet agony.

But during those ten-plus years, she received no response at all. She wholeheartedly chased after him, but he couldn’t see it. He had never stopped to seriously confirm their relationship.

He regretted it, his heart ached for his cousin’s past perseverance, and he even hated himself for being so decisive.

He deserved it, deserved to be punished by his cousin like this.

“What’s wrong?”

Tang Guo was a bit puzzled. Why did this person’s eyes suddenly turn red?

It was something others probably wouldn’t believe. The esteemed young prince of Xianping Kingdom, a strong man who could still shed tears so easily. This would truly challenge people’s perspectives.


Ye Zhou sighed and couldn’t help but hug her, “I’m just hugging you, seeking comfort, nothing else.”

Tang Guo didn’t struggle, “Alright.”

“Are you homesick?”

Ye Zhou smiled wryly. His cousin had changed. Ever since she broke off the engagement, she was no longer the young girl who persistently chased after him.

He deeply regretted it, regretted awakening to this realization so late, missing out on her feelings, and failing to reciprocate her deep affection.

“Cousin, I won’t ask or force you to marry me anymore in the future.”

“I’ll stay by your side, not asking for anything, just wanting to be with you, take care of you, protect you, okay?” Ye Zhou pitifully looked at Tang Guo, not letting go of her arm. “I won’t force you anymore, I’m not worthy.”

He wasn’t worthy, not worthy of the young girl who had chased after him with such deep affection for all those years. He owed her years of deep affection that could never be repaid.

He foolishly thought that a few months of kindness towards his cousin would make her willingly marry him. What was he thinking? Who did he think he was?

He had already hurt his cousin’s heart deeply, yet he still wanted her to marry him. Perhaps his cousin no longer trusted love, which was why she didn’t want to marry him.

He would no longer seek that. He only wanted to be with her. Wherever his cousin was, he would be there to. As long as she didn’t drive him away, he would be by her side.

If she did drive him away, he would secretly stay by her side.

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