Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 202

She didn’t believe that Tang Guo could remain so calm after finding out she had eaten a divine beast egg.

Sure enough, as soon as she finished speaking, the cave fell into absolute silence. Ye Yan was taken aback, staring at the fully ripe egg that had been cut into small pieces, his expression complicated.

A divine beast egg??

That was a divine beast egg??

And it had been roasted and eaten.

Tang Huan had expected Tang Guo to look extremely regretful, but Tang Guo only paused for a moment before returning to normal and eating two more pieces.

This time she ate more slowly, looking satisfied.

“I wondered why it tasted so good. Turns out it’s a divine beast egg.” Tang Guo quickly handed an empty plate to Ye Zhou. “Cousin, enjoy some too. Divine beast eggs are rare. Maybe it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

“Eldest Sister, since this is a divine beast egg, I won’t share it with you. Actually, I didn’t really mean it when I invited you to eat.”

Tang Huan was furious, and glared at Tang Guo without hiding any of her expressions.

At that moment, she truly hated Tang Guo. Why was it that even in this second chance at life, she still couldn’t surpass Tang Guo?

Everything had to be overshadowed by the other. She won their father’s favor, saved Aunt Lou’s life, and ultimately received their father’s love.

Clearly, in the Tang family, Tang Guo was invisible. Clearly, all of their father’s resources were biased towards her. Clearly, she had obtained Tang Guo’s most important alchemy space before her.


Why had she done so much, yet Tang Guo remained so outstanding? Despite the rumors about her reputation, everyone acknowledged Tang Guo’s talent as impressive.

The Tang clan even allocated additional resources to Tang Guo. Yes, it was the Tang clan. If it weren’t for the Tang clan meddling, would Tang Guo have had so many cultivation resources and achieved what she had today?

Tang Huan grew to hate the Tang clan. If she had initially allied with the Tang clan instead of distancing herself from them, would Tang Guo now be just an ordinary person?

Ye Zhou looked displeased at Tang Huan’s fierce gaze. “Ye Yan, Miss Tang doesn’t like staying here. Why don’t you take her away?”

Ye Yan also noticed that something was wrong with Tang Huan. She seemed possessed, staring fixedly at Tang Guo with unabashed hatred, which made him feel uneasy.

According to his investigation, Tang Guo had never secretly dealt with Tang Huan.

Tang Guo always acted openly, whether in the past or now. She carried herself with the proud demeanor of a young miss from a prestigious family.

Precisely because of this, he looked down on Tang Guo. He disliked that haughty attitude.

“Huan’er, let’s go.”

Ye Yan embraced Tang Huan’s shoulder, as if trying to take her away.

Tang Huan remained motionless, her gaze on Tang Guo becoming increasingly crazed, as if she wanted to devour her alive.

“Why is it like this? Tang Guo, why are you better than before? If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have achieved all this. Everything is because of me. Do you know that? If it weren’t for me…” Tang Huan sounded like she had gone mad. She looked at Ye Zhou beside her and continued, “Do you know that? If it weren’t for me, this man by your side would never give you a second glance in his entire life. He wouldn’t. You would always be chasing after him, never able to have him, never.”

Tang Huan’s voice sounded like a curse, completely angering Ye Zhou.

Before he could take action, Ye Yan had already knocked Tang Huan unconscious. “My apologies, Imperial Uncle. We are leaving now.”

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