Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 201

“Hey, Eldest Sister, what a coincidence to find you here too?”

Tang Guo lifted her gaze and smiled, showing no intention of getting up. She sat on a cushion, holding her knees and earnestly watching the eggs being roasted. Oh, the eggs were being roasted by Ye Zhou.

According to Ye Zhou, how could he let his cousin do such rough work? His cousin just needed to wait and eat.

“Eldest Sister, it’s good timing that you’re here. My cousin and I were exploring the mountains and accidentally stumbled upon this place. We unexpectedly found an egg that looks really delicious, so I asked my cousin to help me roast it.”

“It’s been roasting for a while now, and I have no idea what kind of monster’s egg it is,” Tang Guo muttered to herself, then turned to Ye Zhou and asked, “Cousin, is it almost done?”

“It’s almost done. Are you hungry, cousin? Let me bring you some fruits to eat.”

While flipping the eggs, Ye Zhou also took out two plates of fruit for Tang Guo. And finally, he said to Ye Yan, “I won’t prepare any for you, you should know to bring these things when you go out.”

Ye Yan didn’t say a word. He had no right to argue with Ye Zhou.

If Ye Fan was someone he looked up to, then Ye Zhou was someone he couldn’t surpass. He had been working hard in cultivation for the past two years, and Tang Huan occasionally fed him spiritual pills, but he still couldn’t discern Ye Zhou’s level.

He even secretly sent people to test it out, but none of them came back. It was as if they vanished into thin air.

Since then, he no longer dared to test Ye Zhou. He was even a little afraid because Ye Zhou probably knew it was him who sent those people.

Facing Ye Zhou’s smiling eyes, he felt an immediate urge to escape from there.

“Second Sister, what are you doing?” Tang Huan snapped back to reality, staring at the almost fully roasted egg. She could hardly believe that it was actually a divine beast’s egg that had been roasted.

That was a divine beast’s egg! How could she just casually roast a divine beast’s egg without even investigating it thoroughly?

Tang Huan pressed her lips together, barely controlling herself from blurting out that that’s a divine beast’s egg. How could you roast it and eat it?

“Cousin, it’s done, perfectly cooked. I’ll crack it open and put some pieces on a plate for you. You can try it first. This egg is full of spiritual energy, and it will greatly benefit your cultivation,” Ye Zhou said.

Tang Huan’s eyes turned red, and her body trembled. Ye Yan, who was closest to her, noticed it.

He vaguely felt that the egg was extraordinary. Could it be the opportunity Tang Huan had mentioned earlier? But now the egg was already roasted and about to be eaten, so he couldn’t ask any further.

Tang Huan clenched her fists tightly. There was something that made her feel desperate and sad—the fact that the egg was the divine beast’s egg she had longed for, and yet Tang Guo and Ye Zhou casually roasted it.

To her, it was something so important, but the two of them didn’t even realize it was a divine beast’s egg.

Tang Huan snapped back to reality, took a deep breath, and looked at Tang Guo as she took a piece of the white egg and put it in her mouth. Tang Huan’s heart bled.

“What kind of egg is this? It tastes pretty good though. Eldest Sister, do you want a couple of pieces?” Tang Guo asked.

Tang Huan thought, how could she eat it?

“Second Sister, this is a divine beast’s egg, and you actually roasted it!!!”

Tang Huan couldn’t care less and directly revealed the truth.

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