Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 200

“Why has Huan’er been feeling unhappy lately?” Ye Yan was a bit confused. Tang Huan had been having good opportunities lately and acquiring many valuable things. Her cultivation had also improved significantly. “Is it because of what people are saying about you?”

Tang Huan shook her head. “No.”

“Then why?” Ye Yan asked with concern.

Tang Huan looked at Ye Yan, who was pressing her with questions, and couldn’t help but think of how Ye Zhou was so obedient and always put Tang Guo first.

Despite having a noble status, second only to Emperor Ye, Ye Zhou would naturally lower himself and perform various pleasing actions to amuse Tang Guo. He would give Tang Guo valuable items as if they were worthless, and he even went as far as blacklisting the Tang family, the Hou Mansion, and the Bo family just for Tang Guo. These three families couldn’t enter the palace now.

Whenever someone said that Tang Guo was unworthy and didn’t deserve the young prince, Ye Zhou would rush forward and, regardless of his image, roll up his sleeves and beat them up. Although it was childish, whatever Ye Zhou did, whichever side he showed, he never hid anything. Instead, he genuinely expressed himself in front of Tang Guo.

Tang Huan truly envied her. She had never known that Ye Zhou, who was serious and had stirred her heart, could be such a person.

And what about Ye Yan?

He loved her and always considered her, but Ye Yan only gave her half of his true feelings. The other half was Ye Yan’s ambition.

Ye Yan did many things without telling her.

He would even conceal part of his feelings for her. From the beginning, there was always a hidden purpose in his actions, which, of course, couldn’t compare to Ye Zhou’s pure affection.

She didn’t want to think about these things, but she couldn’t help but think about them when it concerned Tang Guo.

Why was it that even though she was reborn, she couldn’t surpass Tang Guo in anything? And the opportunities that belonged to Tang Guo were all taken by her in advance.

Could it be… that time when she didn’t take action was really a mistake, which led to Tang Guo and Ye Zhou being together?

The more Tang Huan thought about it, the more regretful she became. She remembered that there was a very important opportunity coming up, the divine beast egg.

She couldn’t wait for the time to arrive. She had to go and get it first. This was a divine beast egg that Tang Guo absolutely couldn’t take away again.

“Ah Yan, I suddenly have a feeling that it’s coming from that direction, as if something is calling me,” Tang Huan stood up with feigned surprise. “Ah Yan, let’s go over there immediately.”

Ye Yan didn’t doubt it. Tang Huan often had such feelings.

After getting to know Tang Huan, almost every time she went out for training, she had this accurate intuition. But there hadn’t been a time that excited Tang Huan so much.

Ye Yan’s eyes flickered. Perhaps this time it really was an important opportunity.

“Alright, let’s go right away.”

Tang Huan had explored the path to where the divine beast egg would appear, based on the discussions of the people from her previous life.

This time, taking Ye Yan along was a familiar route, and they arrived there in just a day. According to the recorded days, there were still ten days left until the divine beast egg hatched.

Ten days in advance, she didn’t believe Tang Guo would be able to take the divine beast egg again.

But when they passed through the forest and prepared to enter the abandoned cave, they faintly smelled a fragrance coming from inside the cave.

Tang Huan had an instinctive feeling that something was not right, and her face turned gloomy.

She didn’t want to believe that someone had arrived at this moment.

It mustn’t Tang Guo, absolutely not.

She nervously walked into the cave with quick steps, and the moment she entered, she saw Tang Guo roasting eggs. At that moment, Tang Huan’s face almost visibly cracked.

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