Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 199

“Why didn’t I directly agree to Cousin? Because I hold grudges.”

“System, you’ve accompanied me through so many worlds, don’t you know that I hold grudges? I have inherited all the emotions of the original owner and can’t block out what he has done. Besides, I give everyone who makes mistakes a chance to correct themselves. It’s just that they don’t want it.”

The system couldn’t refute it. Tang Guo was truly speaking the truth, though it wanted to say that she was unreasonable.

“If regretting the things done in the past, apologizing, and doing everything to make amends can get you what you want, then would there be so many regrets in this world?”

Tang Guo held her chest. “The original owner chased Ye Zhou for hundreds of years in one world, but in the end, she died trying to save him and didn’t receive his affection. How regrettable.”

“In one world, due to Tang Huan’s rebirth, her fate became even more tragic. She couldn’t even see Ye Zhou in the end and died with lingering resentment. I feel angry for what she went through.”

“I asked him at the beginning, but he didn’t choose to stop me from breaking off the engagement. So, I’m sorry, even if I treat him well and he loves me, even if I really like him, I won’t marry him. But I will give him my sincere feelings in return for his genuine ones.”

The system felt sorry for Ye Zhou but couldn’t help but curse the host for being abnormal.

【If your cousin had chosen to stop you from the beginning and wanted to give it a try, would you be together with him?】

“Yes, I would. I would love him for a lifetime.”

The system fell silent. It suddenly understood Tang Guo’s thoughts a little, but still found her thinking extreme and her actions very abnormal. Where did all this heartbreaking stuff come from?


Tang Guo snapped back to reality and saw Ye Zhou looking worried. “What are you thinking about so deeply? Did something bad happen?” Tang Guo laughed when her cousin’s expression seemed like he was trying to help her solve something, and she shook her head, saying no.

She met Ye Zhou’s clear black and white eyes and suddenly asked, “Cousin, if you can’t achieve what you want in this lifetime, would you choose to continue?”

“Would you regret it?”

Ye Zhou didn’t understand why Tang Guo was asking this, but he still nodded firmly. “I wouldn’t regret it. Even if I know the result, I will continue. Cousin, don’t tell me that this lifetime will have no outcome.”

“Yeah, this lifetime will have no outcome. Cousin, you still have time to regret.”

Ye Zhou groaned and asked, “Then, would Cousin like someone else?”

“No, I wouldn’t. I like Cousin the most.”

He groaned again… happy and sad at the same time. What kind of complicated feeling was this? Cousin wouldn’t belong to anyone else, but she just didn’t want to be with him, yet she claimed to like him. It was really frustrating.

“Well, I’ll accept it.”

Ye Zhou was still Ye Zhou, even if Tang Guo clearly stated that there would be no outcome in the end. He would only be a little unhappy for a while, but he would treat Tang Guo well afterwards. Of course, Tang Guo was good to him as well.

Ye Zhou just didn’t understand why, even though Tang Guo was so good to him and liked him, she didn’t want to be together. Could it be that she held grudges to this extent? He had no idea about the various reasons from past lives and the present.

In the following time, Tang Guo followed the original owner’s storyline and went to the places where she was supposed to obtain opportunities. She took those opportunities away, and Tang Huan followed closely behind. Seeing the opportunities that had already been taken, she felt extremely conflicted and increasingly wary of Tang Guo, but she had no way to change anything.

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  1. It makes sense to me. If she really forgived him and accepted him just like that then what about the original owner? For two lifetimes she suffered. In one she died for him and another he was her only hope but he never cared and she died suffering for a long time.
    MC also inherited the original’s feelings. If MC disregarded her feelings then its truly too unfair to the original. Won’t her suffering again just amount to a cannon fodder and a background story.

  2. Yes this woman makes no sense. Giving them a chance under the same circumstances they disliked her and punishing them for not liking her is kinda dumb. In the world with the insane tycoon it made sense. But in this and the last world it was just dumb.
    But yes still kinda funny.

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