Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 198

“Bo Ling’er is not Aunt Lou. She has cultivation. When she was drugged, she couldn’t resist the harassment from the second young master of the Hou Mansion. After the effects of the medicine wore off, she stabbed the second young master of the Hou Mansion several times, leaving him paralyzed. She disabled his hands and feet, leaving him with only a breath to gasp.”

Ye Zhou’s lips curled up into a very charming smile, and the red robe he wore at the moment made him look even more outstanding.

“Afterward, when no one was paying attention, she escaped. Perhaps she knew that if she returned to the Bo family, they wouldn’t protect her. She might even have her cultivation abolished, and she resented Tang Huan. It was a smart choice to escape for now, but most likely, she’ll come back to seek revenge on Tang Huan when the time is right.”

As Ye Zhou spoke, he noticed a subtle gleam in Tang Guo’s eyes and leaned closer to her ear. “I’ve had someone keep an eye on her whereabouts and erase any traces of her escape. I guarantee that neither the Bo family, the Hou Mansion, nor Tang Huan will be able to find her. What we do next and how we use her will be up to you cousin.”

“Cousin, leave it to me!”

He was more than happy to do such shameless deeds. Helping his cousin do something bad was his honor.

Ye Zhou blinked his beautiful peach blossom eyes, as if trying to enchant the increasingly stunning woman in front of him. Tang Guo couldn’t help but laugh at his expectant expression and lightly touched his forehead, feeling a little itchy in her hands.

“Cousin, do you also think I’m good-looking?”

Knowing what he would say next, that he looked so good that she should take him back home and admire him whenever she wanted, Tang Guo gently pushed him away. Marriage was impossible, absolutely impossible.

“Cousin, gave her a chance to grow.”

Tang Guo pursed her lips and smiled, saying, “Let her grow faster, at least faster than Tang Huan. Just a little higher than Tang Huan would be enough.”

As one of the people who harmed, Bo Ling’er did not deserve to easily be able to take revenge. As for Tang Huan, she would have to experience whatever was in store for her.

“What a great idea, cousin. We’re of the same mind.”

“Cousin, where should we go next for training?”

Tang Guo smiled and remained silent. Naturally, she would seek opportunities that belonged to the original owner. If she didn’t immediately choose to go to the next world, she would have to live for several hundred years at least, until the original owner’s intended age.

She had no plans to go directly to the next world; staying here was quite interesting. Apart from some troubles with the Tang family, this world was not bad.

The system interjected, “Your cousin is not bad, right, Host? You clearly desire his love.”

“So what?”

The system became a little impatient. The Host had no shame and truly surpassed anyone else.

“Who doesn’t desire sincere affection? I’ve always been greedy for genuine love, haven’t I?” Tang Guo communicated in a low voice with the system. “We’ve traveled through so many worlds together. Sometimes I wonder what the result will be if we continue like this. Will there be a result?”

Suddenly feeling the confusion in Tang Guo’s heart, the system felt a bit reluctant. It didn’t know what to say. It couldn’t provide answers, and it didn’t know why they had to go through all of this.

“Only by experiencing one or two sincere hearts among these countless small worlds, do I feel that it’s still worthwhile to be alive.” Tang Guo’s lips curled up into a gentle smile. “Didn’t you ask me why someone would fall in love with me when I want them to? Because it’s a heart-for-heart exchange.”

“Why do I have to lie down at Tianquan Spring for a few days every time? It’s because giving takes its toll, and forgetting requires some time.”

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