Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 197

After that day, Madan Hou from the Hou Mansion never came to see Tang Guo again. During her time in the palace, Tang Guo enjoyed a comfortable life.

Ye Zhou, ever since he understood his feelings, was incredibly attentive to Tang Guo, much to the surprise of his brother, Ye Fan.

His brother was always focused on cultivation. He had no idea that Ye Zhou could be so good to a woman.

Tang Guo’s attitude puzzled everyone. On one hand, she treated Ye Zhou really well, and except for not agreeing to be with him, they almost seemed like a couple.

Ye Zhou faced repeated failures but remained spirited in his pursuit. No matter how many times Tang Guo rejected him, he would sulk for a while and then rally again.

Such perseverance was truly remarkable, reaching a level that many people couldn’t achieve even in their lifetime.

In the blink of an eye, two more months had passed.

“Cousin, are you going out for training?” Ye Zhou expressed his happiness. He had grown somewhat tired of the palace and cautiously asked, “Will you take me with you?”

If she didn’t take him, Ye Zhou would probably burst into tears in the next moment.

Ye Zhou was a peculiar person. He appeared quite childish in front of her, but very arrogrant in front of others. In front of his opponents, he was cold and ruthless.

He never concealed who he truly was and always revealed himself thoroughly.


“Who else would I take if not you?” Tang Guo chuckled. “Do you want me to take a dog?”

“No, even if you took a dog, it would have to be me,” Ye Zhou retorted, then looked at her with a surprised expression. “Just me?”

“Just you.”

Ye Zhou felt that he had taken another step towards happiness. If his cousin was only willing to take him, did that mean he held the most important place in her heart?

“Cousin, let me tell you something interesting that happened yesterday. You’ll definitely be happy when you hear it.” Ye Zhou’s lips curled up, showing a confident smile.

Before Tang Guo could ask, he began, “Something happened in the Hou Mansion. Madam Hou’s second son caused trouble again. Cousin, guess whom he provoked this time.”

Faced with Tang Guo’s puzzled look, Ye Zhou couldn’t wait and gave her the answer directly, “It’s Bo Ling’er.”

“Her?” Tang Guo burst into laughter. She was delighted to hear this news. “What happened?”

Zheng Song had lost his reputation, and his image was tarnished by the incident involving Aunt Lou. Now, no one wanted to marry their daughters into the family. Even many maids in the Hou Mansion refused to serve Zheng Song.

Apart from being twisted, Zheng Song was also a rootless person. Would there be a future by following him? Moreover, the most critical point was that he lacked talent in cultivation. Following him was a dead end.

“It was done by Tang Huan.”

Ye Zhou couldn’t help but smile. “Cousin’s guess was correct. After the fallout between them, Bo Ling’er couldn’t stand Tang Huan and kept causing trouble for her. Lately, she has been spreading rumors about Tang Huan in Pingcheng, some true, some false, but all damaging to her reputation.”

“Tang Huan was angered because Bo Ling’er told the noble ladies in their circle that Tang Huan had no shame. She moved into the Seventh Prince’s residence without an engagement, and the insults were quite nasty. I won’t pollute cousin’s ears by repeating them.”

“Naturally, Tang Huan didn’t let it go. She actually learned from cousin’s previous methods. But she deceived Bo Ling’er and took her to a secluded place, where she knocked her unconscious and delivered her to the Hou Mansion’s second young master’s room.”

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