Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 196

Madam Hou, shocked, stood still. Even the onlookers who were enjoying their melon seeds dropped them in astonishment, their eyes wide open as they stared at Tang Guo. It seemed as though they wanted to confirm that she wasn’t joking.

“You…,” Madam Hou began to say something but was unable to form words when she met Tang Guo’s ambiguous gaze.

“Tang Miss, your request is a bit excessive,” Madam Hou finally found a phrase she could say after contemplating for a while. “I am Madam Hou, how can you ask me to marry someone else? I don’t know what Second Miss Tang’s intentions are.”

That scrutinizing look made it seem as if she suspected Tang Guo of having some hidden agenda.

Tang Guo smiled, “Madam Hou, remember, it was you who came begging at my door.”

“You claimed you could do anything. I am simply stating my own requirements. Whether you do it or not is your own choice.”

She never even considered helping Zheng Song grow his roots; Tang Huan had done something she found quite satisfying.

Madam Hou’s lips drooped, and her face turned pale. “Impossible.”

She never wanted to see Tang Guo again. Just the thought of losing her cultivation and being tormented by such a person sent chills down her spine. She quickly led the women of the Hou Mansion and returned home.

The onlookers glanced at Tang Guo, who seemed delighted, and felt a chill rise up behind them. This young lady truly held grudges. One must never offend her; the Hou Mansion serves as a cautionary tale.

“Cousin…” Ye Zhou drew out his voice, and Tang Guo put away her smile and raised her head. “Cousin, what’s the matter?”

Ye Zhou squatted directly beside her, placing his hand on her knee and rubbing her arm, like an obedient little dog trying to please its master.

“Cousin, I really like you.”

Ye Zhou’s eyes sparkled, containing only Tang Guo. His heart beat fast, beating only for her. He held her hand and touched it against his face.

“I really like you.”

He liked her immensely. His cousin had captivated his soul.

The onlookers: Young Prince, what are you doing? We’re still here, you know.

“Cousin, will you agree to get engaged to me again?”

Tang Guo lowered her head, pulled her hand away, and seeing Ye Zhou’s disappointed expression, she instead placed her hand on his head and gently said, “Cousin, be good. If you’re not good, I won’t pay attention to you.”

“Cousin, you should learn to be content.”

Ye Zhou made a pitiful sound, “But I really want to marry you, cousin. I also want to have children with you.”

Onlookers: This is too much, Young Prince. You’re really too much. We can’t bear to watch.

“Cousin, I was wrong. I will continue to work hard.

The onlookers thought Ye Zhou would be disappointed, but to their surprise, he stood up and regained his previous demeanor, still the lofty young prince.

However, there was something more in his eyes now, and that was Tang Guo. His gaze towards her was always gentle, every moment.

Dressed in a flamboyant red robe, the handsome young man wore a bright smile on his face, his hands crossed, his sparkling eyes fixed on the equally stunning woman beside him. Suddenly, his smile faded, and his expression became solemn and sacred.

“Guo’er, I will continue to strive. One day, you will accept me and be moved by my sincere heart.”

“On that day, I will personally dress you in a red wedding gown and lead you into the worship hall. Together, we will swear to the heavens, to be together forever, never to leave or abandon each other.”

System: [Host, your cousin is so serious. How can you bear to reject him?]

Tang Guo smiled without saying a word and softly replied, “In this lifetime, I will only treat him well.”

System: MMP, the host’s cousin is more annoying than a dog.

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