Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 195

“Madam Hou, would you sacrifice your cultivation for the sake of the Second Young Master?” Tang Guo asked.

Madam Hou hesitated for a moment, but then thought that even if her cultivation was abolished, she could still practice again. It would be better than her son losing his life.

“I can agree to that.”

The onlookers were slightly moved by this.

Tang Guo was not surprised. After all, what did it matter to cripple one’s cultivation?

“But that’s just the first request.”

Madam Hou had a bad feeling in her heart. She didn’t know where she had offended Tang Guo by making the first request to cripple her cultivation.

Could it be because of the two previous incidents?

The first incident was Aunt Lou wanting to marry Tang Guo to her son. The second incident was Tang Haohui wanting Tang Guo to become the future Hou Consort, replacing Tang Huan. Thinking of this, Madam Hou was not surprised.

Tang Guo’s vengeful nature was deeply ingrained in the hearts of everyone in Pingcheng. They all felt it was only natural for her to retaliate against those who had treated her poorly in the past.

“Before I make the second request, let me tell you about someone,” Tang Guo said slowly.

Ye Zhou clearly understood that this story would take a while. He carefully moved out the tables and chairs and gave Tang Guo a comfortable cushion to sit on. He then instructed someone to bring food and tea for her, so she could eat while speaking without getting tired or hungry.

The hungry crowd from the Hou Mansion looked on eagerly. At this moment, Ye Zhou was the most considerate person in their hearts.

The onlookers exchanged glances. Based on the actions of the Young Prince, could it be true that Tang Guo, the legitimate daughter of the Tang family, had rejected him?

Indeed, good melons are hard to find!

“There is a family living in the outskirts of the western part of Pingcheng. The owner of this family is known as a good person, and many people are grateful to him. He has a gentle personality and treats others with respect. Whenever people see him, they all have to address him as a good person.

Many people lament why this good person doesn’t have any talent for cultivation and feel sorry for him.”

At this point, Tang Guo paused.

The onlookers had already guessed who this “good person” was. Because this happened not long ago, it was an incident that shocked Pingcheng.

“However, just recently, the true face of this ‘good person’ was exposed. It was said that he marries a new wife every year, but because of his bad luck, his wives don’t live long. Nevertheless, countless families are still willing to marry their daughters to him.”

“Because he is a ‘good person’.”

Tang Guo was looking at Madam Hou as she spoke, her gaze filled with meaning. She felt increasingly uneasy.

“The truth that came to light was that his dozens of deceased wives were actually tortured to death by him. Not only did he beat them daily, but he also kept large dogs in his house and insulted his wives with those animals.”

“Turns out, he not only lacks talent for cultivation, but he is also despicable.”

Upon hearing this, everyone was reminded of the uproar that had happened before, and their hearts sank with a sigh.

Madam Hou’s condition was worsening. She had a feeling that the next words from Tang Guo’s mouth would not be pleasant.

Tang Guo talking about this incident gave her a feeling that the other party seemed to be referring to Zheng Song.

On that day, when Zheng Song had his life root severed by Tang Huan and carried Aunt Lou out, everyone was speculating about what had happened.

Although they kept it a secret, there were still rumors circulating in Pingcheng. In any case, her son Zheng Song’s reputation had already been damaged.

“Madam, aren’t you willing to do anything for the Second Young Master of the Hou Mansion?” Tang Guo looked at Madam Hou with a smile, and the latter felt a little scared, tightly clenching the hand hidden in her sleeve.

“If you agree to give up your cultivation and marry the person I mentioned, I will help your son grow his life root.”

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