Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 194

“Yunzi, how did it go?”

Returning to the Tang Residence and facing Tang Haohui’s eager gaze, Bo Yunzi remembered the humiliation she experienced in the palace, which made her even angrier.

She still maintained the demeanor of a noble young lady and looked at Tang Haohui with disdain. “Your good daughter told me I had to beg her. Tang Haohui, you are such a cowardly person, and your daughter is equally despicable. I truly regret choosing you in the first place.”

“Why did I choose you?”

Bo Yunzi’s eyes flickered. “Clearly, I am more outstanding than my sister. Whether it’s in music, chess, calligraphy, painting, talent cultivation, or appearance, my sister cannot compare to me. My beauty is renowned throughout the Xianping Kingdom, and so many people adore me. Why did I choose you?”

Tang Haohui’s face turned pale, but Bo Yunzi didn’t care. She absentmindedly went back to seclusion.

Seeing that asking for help from Tang Haohui was futile, the Hou Mansion finally brought their entourage to the palace gate, requesting to meet Tang Guo.

Ye Zhou had already instructed his men to blacklist Tang Haohui’s family and the Hou Mansion. They were not allowed to enter the palace.

Madam Hou, perhaps truly loving her son, knelt at the palace gate with her entourage. “Second Miss Tang, I beg you, please help my son. Please?”

“I am willing to do anything, even kowtowing. As long as you save my son, I will fulfill any of your requests.”

The actions of Madam Hou attracted a lot of attention, and the originally sparse crowd outside the palace gate quickly grew.

The news of Madam Hou kneeling at the palace gate spread throughout the city.

“Do you think Miss Tang, the legitimate daughter of the Tang family, will agree?”

“I doubt it.”

“A person who can easily abandon her own father without a second thought, do you think they will agree to the Hou Mansion’s request?”

The crowd fell silent. Yes, the recent rumors indicated that this was someone even more difficult to provoke than before.

Can’t afford to provoke!

Under the scorching midday sun, the people of the Hou Mansion knelt outside, but there was no sign of the palace gate opening.

Madam Hou was starting to lose her composure, internally crumbling.

“Miss Tang, at least come out and see me. Please, have pity on me as a mother.”

However, nobody paid any attention.

Madam Hou became uncertain. When she came, she thought that with such a grand display, Tang Guo would definitely not refuse. After half a day passed with no word, she started feeling unsure.

Finally, before the sun set, Tang Guo appeared.

Although Madam Hou felt exhausted, the thought of her son’s recovery made the previous suffering seem insignificant.

“You said you would do anything?”

The crowd, who was about to leave, felt relieved upon seeing Tang Guo’s appearance and decided to stay and watch the show.

Wherever the legitimate daughter of the Tang family appeared, there would always be delicious melons to enjoy.


Madam Hou expression looked resigned, moving some people to sympathy.

Tang Guo’s lips curved slightly, and Ye Zhou, who was familiar with this mischievous gesture, felt his heart race.

What should he do? He really liked his mischievous cousin; he liked her most when she was being mischievous.

“Madam Hou, you truly have a mother’s heart.”

Madam Hou didn’t discern any deeper meaning in those words; she thought Tang Guo was merely praising her affection for her son.

“Tang Guo, please make your request. I will fulfill it.”

A faint smile flashed across Tang Guo’s stunning face. At first glance, it appeared beautiful, but upon closer inspection, it seemed eerie, emanating a chilling sensation that sent shivers down one’s spine.

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