Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 193

“Are you really not going?”

A trace of anger appeared on Bo Yunzi’s face. “I came here with good intentions, hoping to help you preserve a good reputation.”

“If you weren’t already bad, how could your reputation be bad? Your bad reputation is what caused Ah Zhou and you to break off the engagement. Haven’t you learned your lesson from all of this yet?”

The people present widened their eyes, unable to believe what they were hearing.

Especially Ye Zhou, who was called out by name: He and his cousin broke off the engagement voluntarily. How could he not know about it??

Ye Zhou became somewhat angry. “Madam Tang.”

Bo Yunzi, who was addressed as Madam Tang, was bewildered. She was puzzled as to why he didn’t call her Aunt as he used to.

“Madam Tang, let me make one thing clear. Cousin is excellent, and it wasn’t me who broke off the engagement voluntarily. However, this matter is no longer important. I kindly ask you not to speak ill of cousin anymore.”

Ye Zhou’s angry demeanor became somewhat dark. He couldn’t stand anyone speaking ill of his cousin now, no one.

Bo Yunzi was taken aback, momentarily stunned. “Ah Zhou would never talk to me like this when he was young.”

“Because Madam Tang’s behavior isn’t good, should this prince still maintain a good attitude towards you? If you were good enough, how could this prince not treat you with a good attitude?” Ye Zhou threw Bo Yunzi’s earlier words back at her. Bo Yunzi was left speechless, her face turning unpleasant.

[Host, your cousin is truly mighty and handles things well.]

Bo Yunzi looked at Tang Guo with a disapproving expression, as if wondering how she had raised such an unfilial daughter. Even someone with a good temper like her couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

Tang Guo was a precious treasure, that was something even a fool could see, but Bo Yunzi seemed to be the only one who couldn’t see it. Perhaps she did see it but was forever immersed in her own world.

“I am your mother. I’ve never asked anything of you, but this time you must listen to me.”

Bo Yunzi was becoming impatient; she wanted to vent her frustration.

“Alright,” Tang Guo smiled.

Before Bo Yunzi could feel pleased, Tang Guo continued, “My current identity is an elder of the Tang family and a rare senior alchemist capable of producing perfect pills.”

“If you plead with me, I can fulfill your request.”

The originally angry Ye Zhou, fell silent. This scene seemed familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before.

Bo Yunzi trembled with anger upon hearing this and looked at Tang Guo in disbelief.

“I am the arrogant and domineering person rumored about, disrespectful to others, unfilial, and ungrateful. In short, all the good and bad rumors about me are true.”

Tang Guo chuckled, “Although you’re my birth mother, as someone who disrespects everyone and is ungrateful, I don’t care who you are. If you want me to do something, then beg me.”

Bo Yunzi, a proud person by nature, would never be willing to lower her head. Just because her elder sister married the most prestigious man in Xianping Country, she held onto resentment and jealousy for a lifetime.

Having to beg her own biological daughter was more unbearable than being killed.

“Unfilial daughter.” Bo Yunzi maintained the demeanor of a noble young lady when scolding others, as if she had been carrying this for years without feeling tired. “You’re just an unfilial daughter.”

Ye Zhou no longer wanted to speak. This was absolutely ridiculous.

The system also didn’t want to say anything. After accompanying the host through countless experiences, it was the first time encountering such a ridiculous birth mother.

Wei Yuan, who was enjoying the spectacle, remained calm. He had served as a eunuch for several decades, so this was nothing.

Bo Yunzi gave Tang Guo a cold glance, simmering with anger, and left. As she was leaving, Tang Guo delivered a parting remark, “Remember to prepare yourself with the right attitude when you come to ask me for favors in the future.”

Bo Yunzi stumbled and nearly fell as she left the room.

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