Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 192

Bo Yunzi hadn’t been to the imperial palace for many years. Since her sister married the previous Emperor, she stopped visiting the palace.

Every time she came, she felt uncomfortable, always reminded of how she fell short compared to her sister.

Why was her sister able to marry the highest-ranking man in Xianping Kingdom, while she could only marry the head of the Tang family?

It was because she was enchanted and impulsive, swayed by Tang Haohui’s sweet words and marriage proposal.

She regretted it so much over the years.

Every time she saw her daughter, Tang Guo, she would be reminded of her shameful choices.

But on the other hand, she hoped her daughter could accomplish what she couldn’t.

Since Tang Huan emerged with brilliance, she became concerned. She wished her daughter could surpass Tang Huan instantly.

She couldn’t surpass her own sister, but her daughter couldn’t be inferior to the daughter of a concubine, right?

Later, as Tang Huan’s reputation grew, people also became aware of Tang Guo. However, one had a good reputation, while the other was arrogant and domineering—the legitimate young miss of the Tang family who wouldn’t tolerate injustice.

There were only good rumors about Tang Huan, but what about Tang Guo? They were all unpleasant words.

She regretted giving birth to this daughter. Marrying Tang Haohui was her shame, and giving birth to this daughter was even more humiliating.

Since the last time she saw Tang Guo, she had lost interest in her daughter. This time, Tang Haohui found her when she was leaving seclusion, saying he needed her help.

She inquired about the matter, but her heart remained unaffected. Her first thought was that Tang Huan was indeed the daughter of a concubine. She couldn’t fathom how that concubine managed to climb into the bed of the Hou mansion’s young master.

She didn’t care who Tang Haohui liked; he wasn’t someone she cared about.

There was a conflict between the Hou Mansion and the Tang family. Tang Huan castrated the young master of the Hou Mansion, and everyone said her daughter could help the young master.

So she came.

She didn’t come to help the young master of the Hou Mansion; it was because her daughter had become so outstanding, evidently surpassing Tang Huan. Tang Guo’s agreement this time would bring her even more fame. It was a good thing for her.

As long as Tang Guo continued to excel, she didn’t mind if the other person was her past shame. The more prominent the other person became, the more people would overlook her past. Everyone would admire her as the mother of an excellent senior alchemist.

“The people from the Hou Mansion have already come begging for help. It’s about time you let go of your grudge. First, treat the person and make them better.” Bo Yunzi spoke with the demeanor of an elder, her words cold and merciless. The gazes of Ye Zhou and the others turned cold as well.

Without waiting for Tang Guo to speak, a smile appeared on Bo Yunzi’s face. “I never expected you to have grown so outstanding, surpassing Tang Huan.”

Tang Guo: “…”

“I came here today for no other reason. I’ll continue my seclusion in a few days. Choose a time to treat the person.”

As for the conflicts between Tang Haohui and Tang Guo, she didn’t care at all.

“I won’t go.”

Bo Yunzi’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. “This is a good thing for you. It’s a small effort that can bring you fame. After today, everyone in the Hou Mansion will regard you as a benefactor.”

“What use is fame to me?” Tang Guo’s smile seemed ambiguous. “In the past, people spread rumors that I was an arrogant and domineering young miss. Why didn’t you ask about that?”

“Those were all unfavorable rumors. Why should I concern myself with what you did?”

“If there were unfavorable rumors outside, it must be because you didn’t do well enough. Now that you’ve done well, favorable rumors will naturally spread.”

Bo Yunzi’s theory left everyone present speechless and made Tang Guo feel a chill in her heart, a sense of desolation.

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