Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 191

“Have you heard the news? The Chief Eunuch by Emperor Ye’s side has turned into a normal man.”

“Ah? Is that true?”

“Yes, I have a relative working in the palace. It’s said that the Chief Eunuch was originally a normal man. He became the Chief Eunuch not by his own choice but because when he was young, he took a stab for Emperor Ye and got injured in that area. He had no choice but to accept the position.”

“I find it hard to believe. Can something broken really grow back? Who has such ability?”

“Haha, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The person with this ability, you all have heard of her. The rumors about her haven’t subsided since some time ago.”

“Come on, don’t keep us in suspense. Just tell us.”

“It’s Tang Guo, the legitimate young miss of the Tang family. The news is absolutely true. If you doubt it, you can confirm it yourself. The former Chief Eunuch is no longer the Chief Eunuch. Emperor Ye bestowed him a title and a fiefdom. He is allowed to live in the palace and attend court.”

Upon hearing this, the crowd was in an uproar.

Is Miss Tang Guo really that capable?

Meanwhile, the Hou Mansion also received the news at the same time. Tang Huan and Tang Haohui also got to know about it.

Of course, the two of them were not in a good mood. Tang Guo clearly had a solution. Why didn’t she bring it out earlier?

At this moment, everyone remembered what Tang Guo said at the gate of the Tang family. The Hou Mansion had already offended her, and she wouldn’t have anything to do with the Hou Mansion in the future.

So, they quietly lit a candle for the Hou Mansion. Beware, you have offended the legitimate young miss of the Tang family. She is not someone to be trifled with.

“Master Hou, what should we do? It has been confirmed that the Prince Yuan has regained his status. Otherwise, how could Emperor Ya bestow him with a fief? It is said that the woman who had been patiently waiting for Prince Yuan will be marrying him soon.”

If he hadn’t recovered, would they still get married? It’s impossible even to think about.

“Let me think about it.”

“Master Hou, is there a need to think? Regardless, we must ask Tang Guo for help. Our Young Master has suffered enough. We need to cure him.”

Master Hou was in a dilemma. That woman was not easy to deal with, and there were so many people protecting her. They couldn’t afford to offend her. He hadn’t thought like this before, so he agreed to Tang Haohui’s plan. Who could have imagined this?

“You go to the Tang Mansion and give it a try.”

Madam Hou felt delighted in her heart and quickly agreed.

“Brother Wei, congratulations. It turns out there was someone so devoted waiting for you.”

Tang Guo was surprised. That woman was truly devoted. Fortunately, she finally waited for him. It was a joyous occasion.

Wei Yuan was very grateful to Tang Guo. He hadn’t expected to have today. He didn’t say any unnecessary words of gratitude but kept this feeling in his heart.

“Sister Tang, if anyone dares to bully you in the future, let me know, and I’ll stand up for you.”

“Brother Wei, that’s my job. Please don’t be too enthusiastic.” Ye Zhou couldn’t take it anymore. Why did everyone want to protect his cousin? There could only be him by her side.

Even if his cousin didn’t agree to be with him, there could only be him by her side.

Wei Yuan smiled and didn’t mind Ye Zhou’s words. He simply said, “Then, do your best.”

In his opinion, it was a gamble!

“Miss Tang, there’s news from outside saying that the master of the Tang family wants to see you.”

Just as they were discussing, a palace attendant came to report that Tang Haohui had come to see Tang Guo. Everyone felt speechless.

They didn’t say a word and waited for Tang Guo to decide.

“Just throw him out. From now on, there’s no need to report anything about Tang Haohui.”

The palace attendant left with the order, and not long after, he returned. This time, he said Bo Yunzi had come.

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