Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 190

Tang Huan and the grudges between the Hou Mansion were finally resolved with the intervention of Ye Yan.

Although Ye Yan was the seventh prince, the Hou Mansion was not to be trifled with. They promised countless benefits in order to persuade the Hou Mansion to relent. They also demanded that Tang Huan unconditionally help Zheng Song refine the healing pill for his body.

Among them, the most requested pill was the Flesh Regeneration Pill, which could replenish blood and flesh but couldn’t grow back what was lost.

Tang Huan felt angry in her heart but had no choice but to agree, though she resented it. With the pill she refined, if Zheng Song encountered any problems with his body, the Hou Mansion would still trouble her.

At this moment, she couldn’t help but feel that her own strength was not strong enough. When she became stronger, she would inevitably cleanse the Hou Mansion with blood.

Since that day, Tang Guo was brought back to the imperial palace by Ye Zhou, who wanted her to have a few peaceful days. Tang Guo didn’t refuse either because she really didn’t want to see Aunt Lou and Tang Haohui recently.

Of course, she guessed that Tang Haohui would soon bring Bo Yunzi, who was in closed-door cultivation, out. She really didn’t want to see her.

The person she saw the most in the palace, apart from Ye Zhou, was Ye Fan. The three of them basically had their meals together. In front of their own people, Ye Zhou always acted like a younger brother and shouted at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was a very tolerant older brother and went along with Ye Zhou’s mischief.

Another person who had meals with them was actually a middle-aged eunuch, whom Ye Fan trusted very much. Without saying much, it was clear that she had been observing the other person for a long time, so Ye Fan explained.

“Wei Yuan has been with me since childhood. If my cousin needs anything, she can directly find him.” Ye Fan smiled and continued, “Actually, he should have achieved a higher position. It’s just that one time, I was being pursued and he took a knife for me, getting injured in a place he shouldn’t have. So, he just stayed in the palace like that.”

Ye Zhou added, “In fact, Brother Wei was a childhood friend of my brother.”

Tang Guo was briefly surprised but then laughed, causing the others to be astonished.

“Big cousin, and this Brother Wei, do you want to recover?” she asked.

The three of them stared at her in shock, carefully discerning the meaning of her words, finding it somewhat unbelievable.

“You’re not mistaken. I’m serious. I said that the people from the Hou Mansion who offend me will regret it. Brother Wei, meeting me is your lucky chance.”

This time, Wei Yuan was a little unsettled. Who would want to be a eunuch when they could be a normal man? His choice was also somewhat helpless. Ye Fan let him stay in the palace, which was actually providing him a peaceful place.

“Really?” Wei Yuan asked, his expression somewhat excited.

“Really,” Tang Guo squinted her eyes, “The only requirement is that after you succeed, you help me promote my abilities, especially letting the Hou Mansion know as soon as possible.”

Ye Fan snapped back to his senses and laughed, “Alright, as long as little cousin can help Wei Yuan recover, I’ll fulfill any request you make. Even if you want Ye Zhou, I’ll give him to you.”

Ye Fan acted as if he was giving his own brother away, leaving Tang Guo speechless.

Ye Zhou secretly gave his elder brother a thumbs up. He truly was his own blood brother.

Wei Yuan smiled faintly without saying a word. After a while, he finally said, “I have nothing to lose. But if the girl needs any help in the future, such as secretly disposing of two people without anyone noticing, I can still do it. I’m also quite skilled in fighting. After so many years in the palace, I have some insights on how to teach people a lesson.”

The system silently observed everything and trembled like a sieve. What kind of people were these? They were so ruthless.

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