Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 189

“Her parents came up with a clever solution, sending me to the Hou Mansion. I can’t understand why. We have the same father, but I suspect I was adopted.”

“I’ll confess something without fearing your ridicule. I was born in the Tang family, but my biological mother was solely focused on her cultivation and didn’t care about my existence. Even my biological father doesn’t see me as his daughter. It’s a miracle that I’ve survived and grown up until now.”

“As for cultivation resources, my older sister is the one benefiting from them. Fortunately, the only thing in the Tang family that I appreciate is the presence of our clan, especially the elders.”

Tang Guo glanced at Aunt Lou, who had her head lowered. “Aunt Lou, I have to thank you. Thank you for giving me a dose of poison when I was unable to grow up.”

Everyone shook their heads, feeling great sympathy for the legitimate Miss Tang.

They had no idea before, only knowing her as an arrogant and overbearing person. However, after the continuous revelations, they finally understood that if Tang Guo, the legitimate Miss of the Tang family, wasn’t a bit arrogant, she wouldn’t have survived. What kind of people were in this Tang Mansion?

“I don’t care if they don’t care about me, but I never expected them to be so heartless as to push me out when something happened.”

“Are there people from the Hou Mansion here? I heard that you agreed to Tang Haohui’s request?”

Indeed, there were informants from the Hou Mansion present. Upon hearing Tang Guo’s words, their hearts trembled. Should they admit it?

“I won’t ask you to come forward. I just want to inform you. By agreeing, you have already offended me.”

“I hold grudges. From now on, anything related to the Hou Mansion, I won’t get involved.”

The informants from the Hou Mansion didn’t take it seriously. The Hou Mansion was influential and had significant power. What could Tang Guo demand from them?

“You can go back and deliver the message. I am now an elder of the Tang family and not bound by my parents’ orders. I live here because this place is rightfully mine. Why should I move out?”

“So, I won’t go to the Hou Mansion. If you dare to provoke me, I believe the entire Tang family won’t let you off the hook. Go ahead and try.”

“And me, cousin, how could you forget about me? With your cousin by your side, who would dare to harm you?” Ye Zhou quickly approached Tang Guo and seemed ready to support her.

“With me here, let the people from the Hou Mansion come and try. Moreover, you have already offended me. Offending me means offending my royal brother, and I hold grudges. My royal brother holds grudges too.”

The people from the Hou Mansion were frightened and quickly left, secretly reporting this information to the Lord of the Hou Mansion.

“Cousin, if you’re uncomfortable living here, do you want to change places?” Ye Zhou truly despised the people of the Tang family and found them annoying.

Tang Guo raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Why should we change places? Shouldn’t they be the ones moving? I am the legitimate Miss of the Tang family, and this place belongs to me. Since my biological father has no sons, the entire Tang family will be mine in the future.”

Ye Zhou: “…” Alright, cousin is right. Everything belongs to her. If only he also belonged to her.

News of Tang Guo throwing Tang Haohui and Aunt Lou out quickly spread throughout the Tang family, causing quite a stir. The members of the Tang family reacted immediately.

They made it clear: Hou Mansion, dare to touch Elder Tang Guo and see what happens.

This statement clearly indicated that Tang Guo had the entire Tang family standing behind her, unlike Tang Haohui. After pondering for a while, they realized that Tang Guo held a higher position in the Tang family than Tang Haohui.

The Hou Mansion fell into silence, but it didn’t mean they had given up. Of course, they didn’t dare to plot against Tang Guo. As for her grudge, they didn’t pay much attention to it.

When Tang Huan learned about it, she was extremely angry. “If she doesn’t want to, then she doesn’t have to. There’s no need to humiliate my Aunt.”

Tang Guo became even more disgusted.

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