Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 188

Tang Guo couldn’t help but burst out laughing as she looked incredulously at Tang Haohui and Aunt Lou.

By the way, Aunt Lou was wiping her eyes with a handkerchief, still kneeling down, sobbing softly. Tang Huan was not here; she had taken refuge in the Seventh Prince’s mansion, fearing that the Hou mansion would forcefully capture her.

If Tang Huan knew what these two were planning, she would surely stop them.

How could these two think that she would go to the Hou mansion to help Tang Huan?

“The Hou mansion has agreed that if you go there to help them refine medicine for five years, they will drop the matter.” Tang Haohui said matter-of-factly, “After all, Huan’er is your sister. This time it’s not her fault. Help her out. Besides, you won’t suffer any grievances.”

The two powerful guards standing outside the gate exchanged glances upon hearing this, their eyes clearly indicating that Tang Haohui was a fool, right?

To hand over the Elder Tang to the Hou mansion just for a concubine-born daughter, especially one who caused trouble herself, was truly foolish.

“Second Miss, please help Huan’er. If Huan’er goes to the Hou mansion, she will surely be in danger. The Second Young Master of the Hou mansion is truly ruthless.” Aunt Lou cried miserably, hoping to gain sympathy.

Unfortunately, in Tang Guo’s courtyard, besides herself, the two powerful guards, Tang Haohui, and Aunt Lou, there was no one else to sympathize with her, no matter how loudly she cried. Perhaps only Tang Haohui himself would.

“Who gave you the courage to think that I would agree?” Tang Guo widened her eyes, “Don’t you have any shame?”

Aunt Lou bit her lip in grievance, looking pitifully at Tang Haohui, and sure enough, Tang Haohui’s expression darkened. “You’re also a member of the Tang family. When your own sister is in trouble, you don’t help. You really have a heart of stone.”

“Since the Hou mansion has agreed, whether you want to go or not, you have to go.”

“Tang Jiu, Tang Shi, beat up these two and throw them out.”

The two powerful guards had long wanted to make a move. Upon hearing Tang Guo’s words, they rushed in instantly, not even bothering with Aunt Lou and directly targeting Tang Haohui. Although Tang Haohui was also an Yuan Jun cultivator, could he compare to a late-stage Yuan Jun cultivator?

Being attacked by two late-stage Imperial-Realm cultivators, he was no match for them at all and was soon beaten up, his face swollen and bruised.

After the beating, they threw Tang Haohui out of the Tang family. The people outside had been waiting for something to be thrown out of the Tang family.

Seeing Tang Haohui lying on the ground, they exclaimed, “Oh my, he’s the head of the Tang family, interesting. This Miss Tang from the Tang family is truly formidable.”

Tang Jiu and Tang Shi looked at the weeping and pale Aunt Lou, feeling a bit unsure about how to deal with a woman. They didn’t know what to do.

“I’ll handle it myself.”

Tang Guo didn’t trouble them and walked up to Aunt Lou, lowering herself slightly, she smiled softly and said, “It was your suggestion for me to go to the Hou mansion, right?”

Aunt Lou didn’t say a word, and Tang Guo didn’t expect her to answer. She raised her hand and slapped Aunt Lou’s face several times, decisively and without hesitation, which made Tang Jiu and Tang Shi respect her even more.

Then, Tang Guo grabbed the dazed Aunt Lou by the back of her collar and walked step by step towards the entrance of the Tang family.

By the time they reached the entrance, Tang Haohui was already gone.

The onlookers outside thought that the drama had been big enough, but they didn’t expect there was still more to come. They eagerly watched Tang Guo and the object in her hand.

Oh, it seemed to be a person.

Tang Guo tossed Aunt Lou onto the street like garbage.

“Aunt Lou proposed that I go to the Hou mansion to replace Tang Huan. I want to ask all of you, did I eat her, wear her, or owe her and her daughter anything? Tang Huan caused trouble herself, offended people, and even cut off someone’s lifeline, yet she hides behind her man, afraid to face the consequences.”

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