Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 187

Tang Huan couldn’t care less about Zheng Song. She wrapped the unconscious Aunt Lou in a quilt and was about to leave the Hou residence.

How could the people in the Hou residence let her leave? Master Hou’s wife knew that her second son had been castrated, so she ordered to capture Tang Huan.

Upon receiving the news, the Seventh Prince, Ye Yan, and the Young Master of the Bo family, Bo Xifeng, rushed over immediately, prepared to play the role of heroes and save the beauty. The two sides fought fiercely, and half of the Hou residence was destroyed.

In the end, the two men successfully brought Tang Huan and Aunt Lou back, and this incident was spread out.

Lord Hou would definitely not give up and demanded an explanation from Tang Haohui. After all, his son had lost his manhood, and at the very least, he wanted Tang Haohui to hand over Tang Huan.

Zheng Song even threatened to make Tang Huan his mistress, otherwise, this matter would not end.

Tang Guo ate this piece of gossip excitedly. No wonder no one had come to her recently. It turned out that so much had happened.

Tang Haohui felt very uneasy. The woman he loved the most had cuckolded him, and the whole city knew about it. He could feel the gazes of the passersby when he walked outside.

Currently, there is a lot of pressure from the Hou mansion. He cannot really hand over Tang Huan. Ultimately, it is their side that has been wronged. His concubine has been bullied by Zheng Song, so shouldn’t they seek justice?

As a result, both sides reached a stalemate.

After waking up, Aunt Lou’s temperament changed drastically, hiding in the house and not daring to come out.

Tang Huan was even more furious, regretting not killing Zheng Song directly.

Actually, the happiest person was not Tang Guo, but Bo Ling’er.

She hadn’t even made a move yet, and such a big incident had happened on Tang Huan’s side. She was truly delighted.

The two sides had been deadlocked for half a month without any result. Initially, it had nothing to do with Tang Guo. But Tang Huan somehow managed to make Aunt Lou recover, and she became gloomy and had a terrifying look in her eyes.

To this day, they still couldn’t figure out why Aunt Lou was in the Hou residence. Zheng Song claimed that Aunt Lou had appeared in his room by herself, but no one else believed it.

“Master, I am already like this. Huan’er did all this for me. I don’t want Huan’er to get into trouble. As long as Huan’er survives this crisis, I will go to the temple to pray for you and Huan’er. I will never come back in this lifetime.”

Upon hearing this, Tang Haohui felt genuinely uncomfortable about Aunt Lou’s matter. She had become impure, and going to the temple was just right.

“As long as Huan’er passes through safely, I will definitely go,” said Aunt Lou with a look of grievance. “Although I truly don’t want to leave, I also know that I am no longer worthy of you, Master. As long as I am in the Tang family, I will only bring disgrace to you and make Huan’er unable to raise her head. In the future, Master, please announce that I have passed away due to illness. It’s not that I am reluctant to die, but I can’t bear to let go of all of you.”

Tang Haohui was moved by her words and felt a hint of pity in his heart.

It seemed like he had made a big decision and nodded, “Okay, I will protect Huan’er.”

“Master, are you troubled? Is it because the Hou residence won’t let this matter go?”

“Yes, the Hou residence is not weaker than our Tang family. The clan even said that this matter was caused by Huan’er and that we should resolve it ourselves. They won’t interfere.”

Aunt Lou’s eyes dimmed slightly. “Actually, if we let Huan’er become the other party’s mistress, it would at most provide them with an outlet for venting. They won’t gain any real benefits. It’s better to try a different approach.”

“What approach?”

“Let Second Miss go over,” Aunt Lou flashed a hint of cunning in her eyes. “Second Miss is an advanced alchemist. Let her help the Hou residence refine medicine. She won’t have to suffer, and Huan’er is her sister after all. She should be willing to help, right?”

Tang Haohui was tempted. With Tang Guo’s status, the Hou residence indeed wouldn’t dare to harm her. It was a good solution.

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