Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 186

Tang Guo’s family patriarch expressed concerns about someone harming Elder Tang Guo, so he assigned two bodyguards at the Yuan Jun realm to protect her.

Tang Guo accepted with a smile and instructed the two guards to directly guard the entrance to her courtyard. Without her permission, no one except Ye Zhou was allowed to enter.

“I’ll take care of your future spiritual pills.”

Being a gatekeeper was indeed a humble task for Yuan Jun experts. However, they didn’t feel humiliated at all. Just because Elder Tang Guo offered to take care of their spiritual pills, this job would probably be sought after by many.

They happily thought, luckily their qualifications were shallow, and they were the ones assigned to this task. If others found out, they would regret not seizing the opportunity.

“If anyone dares to intrude forcibly, throw them out without mercy. If they die, it’s on me.”

Just after Tang Guo gave this order, someone quickly approached.

“Move aside, I’m her cousin. Can’t I see her?”

“Miss Bo, it’s better for you to leave. Elder Tang said she doesn’t want to see you. If you don’t leave, we won’t be polite.”

Bo Ling’er widened her eyes. “How ridiculous! I want to go in. What can you do to stop me?”

As she finished speaking, she tried to force her way in. The two guards exchanged a glance and threw Bo Ling’er toward the Tang family’s wall. She landed right on a stall.

People around watched as a huge object was thrown out of the Tang family, wondering what it was. They rushed forward and then saw Bo Ling’er covered in vegetable leaves, looking disheveled.

The two Yuan Jun experts jumped onto the wall and coldly said, “Next time you offend our Elder Tang, being thrown out won’t be so simple.”

Bo Ling’er was intimidated by their aura. She hadn’t left her home for a long time, and it seemed like the world had changed.

At that moment, people recognized her as the Miss Bo from the Bo family who had previously pushed Second Miss Tang to feed the demonic beasts. They immediately looked at her with disdain.

In that moment, Bo Ling’er despised Tang Guo. Of course, she hated Tang Huan even more. Tang Huan was a two-faced person who betrayed her and even lured away her brother’s soul. Now she had to rely on her elder brother to search for people every day. Bo Ling’er left angrily.

She wouldn’t let Tang Huan off easily. Although Tang Guo was untouchable, Tang Huan might not be.

She would tarnish Tang Huan’s reputation, just as hers was ruined.

Before Bo Ling’er could take revenge, an incident occurred.

The incident took place at the Hou residence, involving the Master Hou’s second son, Zheng Song. Now the entire Pingcheng City was talking about this matter, savoring every detail.

Here’s what happened: someone, unknown to whom, informed Tang Huan that there was a woman hidden in Zheng Song’s room, reportedly named Lou Shi, who was deeply loved by Master Hou’s second son.

Zheng Song kept the woman hidden tightly. There were many people in the Hou residence, especially numerous maidservants attending to him. Recently, he showed great interest in Lou Shi, which aroused jealousy among the unknowing maidservants. One of them secretly leaked the information about Zheng Song’s love affair with Lou Shi.

She did it to provoke hatred against Lou Shi and make everyone turn against her.

As a result, the news leaked outside. Tang Huan was frantically searching for Aunt Lou. Although she thought it was impossible, she secretly went to his residence to find her.

And she encountered Zheng Song torturing Aunt Lou. Aunt Lou was completely naked, her body covered in blood, and she had lost consciousness. Zheng Song was enjoying himself.

Tang Huan couldn’t contain her anger. She pushed Zheng Song away, drew her sword, and chopped off the offending part.

Zheng Song screamed in agony and ran out of the room. Soon, the entire Hou residence was in an uproar.

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