Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 185

Ye Zhou is immersed in passion every day. If his cousin doesn’t like him or treats him poorly, he wouldn’t feel so miserable.

But his cousin seems to really like him and treats him well, spoiling him like never before.

No, wait, it’s him who spoils his cousin to the heavens.

Lately, Tang Haohui has been in a panic. First, his beloved Aunt Lou disappeared and hasn’t been found yet.

Then there are rumors outside that he favors his concubine over his wife, and he treats his legitimate daughter worse than his illegitimate daughter. If it were just rumors, it wouldn’t be a problem, but the key is that his legitimate daughter has become very powerful recently.

Before he could do anything, the Tang family’s elders arrived at the door. All the esteemed members of the family showed up.

Tang Haohui faced this group of people with cold sweat, feeling his scalp tingling.

“Clan Chief.” Tang Haohui stood up and bowed. “May I ask why the Clan Chief has come today?”

He is the head of the Tang family, but above the family head is the clan chief, the one who truly manages the Tang clan and has the power to remove him from his position as family head.

The position of family head is very important. It represents his direct lineage and the ability to control external resources. In short, there are many benefits.

The Tang Clan Chief glanced at him indifferently. “Normally, we wouldn’t want to interfere with your affairs, but we heard that you listened to that Aunt Lou’s words and wanted to arrange a marriage for Tang Guo?”

Tang Haohui’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. “She’s almost seventeen, and she just broke off an engagement. Yun Zi never takes care of such matters, and Xier had good intentions.”

“Hmph!” The Tang Clan Chief snorted disapprovingly. “I can’t believe that a mere aunt would meddle in the affairs of the legitimate young miss. Our Tang family has finally produced such a remarkable person, and instead of treating her well, you keep pushing her away. I doubt your abilities.”

Tang Haohui’s face turned pale. “Are you saying Tang Guo can’t get married?”

“Whether she gets married or not is irrelevant at this point. You no longer have the right to control her affairs. Starting today, I, as the Clan Chief, bestow upon Tang Guo the position of elder. From now on, her marriage will no longer be dictated by her parents, and no one is allowed to force her. As the head of the Tang family, you have no right to discipline her.”

In short, Tang Guo is very important to our Tang family, and we can’t let her be hurt because of some people’s machinations.”

What a joke! An alchemist at the advanced level before she even turns seventeen, and she’s able to produce perfect pills. How could they not cherish her and push her away? Is Tang Haohui an idiot?

If he hadn’t come out of seclusion early, who knows what would have happened later.

Tang Haohui was a little dumbfounded. Does the clan value his legitimate daughter that much?

“Now that we’ve come to this point, if you’re not satisfied with Elder Tang staying here, the clan has plenty of residences.”

He actually hoped that Tang Guo wouldn’t be satisfied with Tang Haohui and would go directly to the residence prepared by the clan. Tang Haohui doesn’t care for Tang Guo, but there are people in the Tang clan who do.

People outside envy the Tang family so much, and Tang Haohui must be mentally challenged. He dotes on an illegitimate daughter while disregarding his legitimate daughter from a young age.

Regardless of how unsightly Tang Haohui’s expression was, Tang Guo, who had become an elder of the Tang clan, received consolation gifts from various branches of the Tang family and received invitations to visit.

As the newly appointed elder, Tang Guo smiled and said, “Sure, I’d love to visit when I have the time.”

“Now that I’m an elder, if the clan has any rare pills to refine, those with spiritual ingredients can come find me, and I’ll give you a fifty percent discount.”

This offer can be considered very generous, and the Tang clan members all smiled even more, deciding to get closer to this under seventeen-year-old young elder.

They thought to themselves, with such a good person, is Tang Haohui blind?

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