Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 184

Three days later, Tang Guo handed over the successfully refined pills to those several forces. Not a single one of them failed to produce a pill. Even the one that handed in one set of medicinal ingredients found that it produced a single dose of the pill. That force was extremely grateful to Tang Guo.

The representatives of the major forces asked again, “Master Tang, did they all succeed?”

They are just curious. No matter how many doses are produced, they will only receive one dose of pills. Inside the jade bottle they are holding, there are exactly ten pills lying there.


Tang Guo nodded without concealing anything. “What’s the matter? If you need more, you can buy them from me or exchange them with high-grade pills.”

The representatives of the major forces were pleasantly surprised and immediately expressed their desire to exchange. They were determined to do so.

Afraid that Tang Guo might change her mind, they quickly revealed their own wealth.

Ye Zhou was also shocked for a moment, but then he glanced at Tang Guo with a faint gaze and was captivated by her.

“Cousin, take a look at what you want.”

Ye Zhou was surprised. “Cousin, you want me to choose?”

“Naturally. Cousin, don’t you want it? Or do you not find it appealing?”

Upon hearing these words, the representatives of the major forces twitched at the corners of their mouths. Why did the Young Prince join in the fun? These things were precious, some of which even the imperial palace didn’t have.

“I want it.”

Ye Zhou quickly replied. If it was given by his cousin, he naturally wanted it.

Interestingly enough, he found a few items that he could use, and then he helped Tang Guo choose. Although the major forces felt a bit distressed, they also felt it was worthwhile.

After the major forces left satisfied, Ye Zhou was immersed in the sweetness of Tang Guo. His cousin was truly as sweet as her name suggested. She looked sweet, and she should taste even sweeter.

He really wanted to taste it.

“Cousin, do you have any other intentions towards me? Will you agree to my request?”

Tang Guo glanced at him and said, “Cousin, don’t be too greedy. I’ve already said it before. I don’t like going back on my word.”

“I didn’t mean that.” Ye Zhou hurriedly replied, afraid that Tang Guo would ignore him the next day. She was definitely capable of doing that.

“Cousin, be obedient. Don’t be greedy. I’m only good to you.”

What else could Ye Zhou do besides nodding and agreeing? He smiled sweetly, his lips filled with a bittersweet taste. This was a pit he dug himself, and now he had to fill it. What else could he do?

Just endure it.

“Imperial Brother, what should I do now? Cousin said she doesn’t eat grass that has already been chewed.”

Ye Fansat on the dragon throne, dealing with official matters. He couldn’t help but raise his head and smile upon hearing Ye Zhou’s words.

“Do you regret it now?”

Ye Zhou slumped weakly in his chair, his face filled with worry. “Brother, why didn’t you advise me more before? Maybe if I had listened to you, I wouldn’t have rushed to break off the engagement with my cousin.”

“What did she say?”

“I want to be with her openly and honestly, get married. She said I’m too greedy and asked me to obediently listen to her and she’ll only be good to me.”

Ye Fan burst into laughter upon hearing this. “Isn’t that great?”

“Brother, do you think it’s great?” Ye Zhou looked at Ye Fan. “Then why do I have so many nephews?”

Ye Fan coughed lightly. “Those women wanted to give birth, right? Let them have a few more children so they won’t bother me.”

Ye Zhou: “…” So that’s how he got all his nephews.


“Don’t bother me. Go find your cousin. You chose this path yourself, so endure it.”

Ye Zhou pursed his lips, feeling frustrated as he got up from the chair, straightened his messy red robe, glanced at his unreliable elder brother, and finally left helplessly.

Ye Fan shook his head, still smiling. Finally, his younger brother found someone who could control him.

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  1. It’s not uncommon for people to avoid their stalkers so why should he be punished? Just because she was an abused kid does not mean he should have suffered just to make up for her parents. Like healthy people have healthy relationships and FL is mental so of course she thinks it makes sense to punish people for exercising their free will. 😂

  2. There’s something wrong with these Ye’s… messed up in the head I swear. Even Ye Fan is dumb. You do realize having many kids will just result in conflict over the throne? Moron. And Ye Zhou, what hasn’t already been said about him? He never treated the original owner right, and even in this life, he wasn’t interested at all until the original owner was replaced by Tang Guo. If the original owner literally has to disappear and be replaced by someone else for you to be interested, you don’t deserve them.

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